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  1. incognito562                    show commment
  2. Peanut
    Are you sure all these people are drunk and not just taking a nap?
  3. Juanx
    The dog-eaters people (korean) are the worst and political bipolar persons on the world surface.
  4. Sgt.Kesler
    last picture Jackie Chan?
  5. cookiekid
    I thoght it was a female.
  6. Chubby
    #17 sleeps in his own vomit, yuk!
    Kinda sad.
  7. asd
    and how is that different from any other country? well chosen photos can prove anything
  8. Taco
    Many of you won't understand until you experience soju. Been there, experienced it, can't wait to go back.
  9. piccu
    North Korea attacked South Korea with sleeping bombs. It's experimental and short range, but soon they will attack with long range sleeping bombs. The whole South Korea will fall asleep. Beware.
  10. fdsfsdfsa
    in korea every fuckin male is a drunk shit on fridays?
    pretty funny, I must say.
  11. sleeby
    This is totally normal for Koreans, I´ve been working in shipyards in South Korea for about a year now, and this is normal procedure for Koreans. But it is not only a friday thing, they are shit wasted drunk and sleeping in the middle of the streets every day. You cannot go to work without seeing at least 4-5 drunk koreans sleeping on the sidewalk or in the streets... and this is every day...
  12. Hubert
    some of this are of non-native koreans. Look at the number of white people taking photos with them, it's gotta be american koreans.
  13. g6
    i can count a soujo bottles right there...
  14. kisaki87
    Never saw this in real life... But Ive always been at Seoul area so maybe this doesnt happen at downtown? Or maybe Im just sleeping in that time already :P
    BUT this definately happens in Finland at summer (hmm and sometimes at winter too).

    And I thought Koreans party more on saturday nights? Coz many still work on saturday and only have sunday off...
  15. waytoospecific
    And nobody in any other country in the world does this.
  16. Roman
    Next time I'm in Korea I'm bringing my Sharpie!

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