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  1. gigantes
    looked at the first 50- saw about two items that are an improvement on anything.

    as for the rest... i wouldn't buy any of that crap for myself, but a lot of it would make good novelty gifts.
  2. Moni - Mex
    There is not something for no pull the keyboards???
  3. Belin
    #55 F...K !!!
  4. Peanut
    Some of them are pretty interesting.
  5. DrShama
    I have heard that we will not be getting a naiotnal percentile or rank for our kids until they take the PSAT in 9th or 10th grade. The MAP tests used to provide this, this is why we went with the Terra Nova last year Heck the DSTP even gave us this data w/ embeded questions. Why can't the DCAS? Do we really want to wait until high school to see where our kids are against the naiotnal field?

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