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  1. Angelica
    Junk food and having a baby.........
  2. noob
    OMG O.o
  3. stevebing
    At least the hooters grow big :-)
    No 10 is sexy
    I would still do 12 ,15 and 17
  4. Tarzan
    junk food.. and beer...lots of them
  5. Jayzen Freeze
    Yea that is what happens when women get married, lol.
  6. freighted person
    My GOD!! They turned into a blobject!!
  7. ??
    Some of them look better...
  8. incognito562
  9. Apu Kalipshis
    11 and 15 are photoshop
  10. einsib
    definitely 11
  11. Norm101
    I agree. #11 and #15 are photoshopped. The girl in 15 is some topless chick from the interwebs. She's still around and isn't fat at all.
  12. nice and juicy
    some of the girls look taller and still hot just a lot more curves... then some really packed on weight either by bad eating habits or having a baby or 2..
  13. grow up and have some tact
    yet another post which suggest that izismile is run by a group of immature, sexist, 12 year old boys.
  14. Tyler Durden
    Tis funny to a scrawny guy like me :)
  15. Eric Donkey
    Most of them look much better, nothing worse than a bone bag.
  16. KOZI
    Jakie tam nie zdrowe jedzenie ?? robić się nie chce i dupa rośnie
  17. mm
    What a waste of good material. Oh, and they also severely hurt their health by eating like that. See? We men care ^^
  18. bertha_2_2
    I agree with the first post, Junk food & having kids.... then not knowing how to lose the extra baby weight.... then junk food.... then another baby.....
  19. Mr. Ree
    Don't blame junkfood - they did it to themselves. They don't have the self discipline to not have the cheese on the fries or by eating two cheeseburgers instead of just one.
  20. khadafi avatar
  21. Tyger
    That's nice. Now show the GUYS that gained weight after going to university.
  22. Peanut
    I agree that some of them do look better.
  23. harbl
    I think I threw up a littler
  24. shals only                    show commment
  25. severe_009
    YUM2X :d
  26. Athena
    Wow, seems like most of the fat went to their boobs, ginormous some of them! Not very nice, and heavy probably. It's crazy how much weight some of them gained, that's not just getting a bit chubbier after childbearing and getting older, that's chugging down the burgers and cokes and not caring one bit.
  27. fat bloke!
    is this just in america? - lol, thought so!


  28. Tiberius
    Nothing worse than fat b!tches
  29. Rotator
    Sure, they're larger now, but what's bad about that?
    Good things come in larger packages.
  30. Janeway
    Yes, let's see what junk food does to guys! Eating is not why these women got bigger. NOT eating and destroying their health and subsequently their metabolism in order to attain impossible standards is why they got bigger. And in most cases, hotter.
  31. tedbell
    Almost all of them keep getting better!!! I love it!
  32. Batman310
    YEAH Junk food!! Cheeseburgers all around!!
  33. carmen
    woooow, that not normal.
    how vat the are. :O
    it's amazing !
  34. Tilti
    .......more like wow at this stupid misogynistic website filled with aholes.
  35. kelizabethh98.5
    Wow. Just flat out sexist & stupid. As a female myself, i do take some offense from this. On the other hand, it also shows what could happen to us if we eat like that, or dont eat at all. I think this is Stupid. Sexist. & Dumb.
  36. heolfolidia
    junk food and you will be like them.. :/ ugly!!
  37. No.
    Sexist bullshit.
  38. some guy
    Some of them actually got hotter. A lot of them got pregnant though, so some of the pictures are just a fail
  39. kingJ
    eating junk food and not stopping while injecting pure fat into your ass
  40. sgt
    dont make babies
  41. Thomas De Matteo
    There is nothing former about any of these beauties. Finding a balance and listening to your body is the best way to be healthy. It is a little cruel to display these women without their consent. By the way number 15 is even more attractive in her "after" photo. If I saw a girl like her I would be more attracted to her in her present state. By the way do you have her name or number? lol - seriously.
  42. :(
    Junkfood doesn't treat guys any better, believe me...
  43. person who doesnt see how this is sexist
    how the hell is this sexist?
  44. Rebelle
    This is extremely tasteless, it's none of your business what these women look like and why, and posting their pictures here is just... well, there's a new definition for low. I also can't imagine women doing a similar thing about men, which tells a lot about our society and how women are viewed. Wouldn't be surprised if some of these women got an eating disorder after trying to desperately make themselves look like the impossible photoshopped picture no one is (or should be, for that matter).
  45. bbwlover
    bravo junk food!!!!. they look glamorous now
  46. Скорп
    пипец, хорошо что сиськи у многих выросли как они потолстели)))... но некоторые фотки мне кажется фэйк!!!
  47. Sn@kech@rm3R
    i don't care what you say,i'd still fuck #17
  48. langer
    almost all chicks look better in the second pic! :)
  49. larry
  50. healthfreak
    whoever thinks they look better probably is a out of shape..
  51. idontgoforpricks
    Just plain stupid and ignorant.
  52. jack
    Yeah blame the thyreoid
  53. hell yah
    Man, most of these girls look incredibly hotter in the after pics.
  54. Beached Whales
    Who ever said some looked better is either blind or retarded. How the hell could you even possibly have sex with those whales when her blubber covers her hole. Rolls of fat look ugly on any person - male or female.

    Quit stuffing your faces and get off your fat asses.
  55. lolcat
    run bitch run :)
  56. delightful
    alot of these girls look better, theyre still pretty and their boobs are huge. whats the big deal. ?

    who steals personal pics and post them? thats kinda weird, just to make fun of them cuz theyre bigger?
  57. AussieDave
    This is the result of the American fast food and supermarket junk food system's that they have introduced to the world. It's even reeking havoc in Australia with over 60% overweight now. It's amazing just back in teh 70s I remember there were only a small portion of fat people. Now they are eevrywhere. As a divorced father of 2 and back on teh dating scene, I'm totally dismayed by single women in their 40s now ...95% are FAT! Disgusting! And many wonder why men may have sex with them but won't stay for a relationship. We realise they are still going to get worse.
  58. ST
    Janeway, seriously? According to you, the reason they got fat is because when they were thinner they were starving themselves and ruined their metabolisms. So none of them could have just ate normally and looked the way they did, and then gained weight because they began making unhealthy choices? How fucking ridiculous. And I can't believe that some of you think they all look better in the second pics. I guess it should be expected though nowadays, with everyone being fat. That being said, why is this article only about women gaining weight? Men get fat too.
  59. Africanlegend
    Looks like some of them had kids...#17 saddens me. It's like watching a volcano erupt and slowly destroy a beautiful town.
  60. guystil
    f that. some of these girls are still freakin hot
  61. the david
    so it make them sexy
  62. Pete
    On the bright side, if you see a fatty you know she has some potential to turn into a babe. You just have to put in the to restore it lol
  63. dmc_comic!
    i think, as a (overweight) girl myself, those women must have felt horrible about themselves. i have NEVER been "skinny" so i have always been thinking about my weight and i am jealous of skinny girls, but then i look at how much i get to eat and not give a hoot about the calories. =3 it has it's ups and downs but, at least we are not resembling cardboard.
  64. noneofurbizness
    #16 is photoshopped. girls head is pasted onto a black girls keg gut.
  65. En
    Most of these girls look sexier after they ate junk food. Who says that we all have to like slim girls? Junk food is unhealthy, ok.
  66. DjToXiC
    Whoever thinks bigger boobs is bad is probably gay. J/k guys!


    Not probably! YOU ARE A BUNCH OF FAGGOTS.
  67. magnus
    some of them just look older, i don't think this post was thought through...
  68. buffytushues
    Some of the girls actually look better!
  69. A.J.
    2 Words:

    Pre-Nup !!
  70. Author Frank Martin DiMeglio
    TV is also a significant cause of obesity and depression. TV is an emotional euphoric and an emotional painkiller. It is the plug-in drug, and it is a type of hallucinatory and schizophrenic experience.
    In fact, I have proven (in detail and with specifics) exactly how television is a form of dream vision as waking vision. Obesity is increased cause of death by ALL CAUSES. THINK!
  71. Schmee
    Wow - So the creator of this was a chick who felt like total sh*t about herself...so she went around on peoples facebooks, to see how people changed over the years picking out the changes in their bodies...maybe so she can feel better about herself? --- maybe?
    Just sayin'
  72. Lisa
    Think its cool when someone takes your pic out and about now? People need to start realizing it may end up on the net , some site with no morals like this one.
  73. J mahlae
    I'm a guy and I say, eat what ever you want ladies. It just enhances your bodies as you can see.(_)(_). Cuz when guys get fat theres nothing that gets attractive.
  74. J
    hurray for the larger woman. There's more to love!
  75. John
    I thought 17 was super hot in her 2nd photo and then I saw the others
  76. MikeSpears
    They all look hot in the after state.
  77. Shane&
    The only good thing about fat chicks is they give good head... why? Because fat chicks love to eat.
  78. bernard
    I'd still smash 6,10,12 & 17.
  79. jaye
    OK, picture 16 is totally fake. It's the same exact face on different pictures...nice photoshopping though! Next time, fatten her face too.
  80. ThinkBeforeYouComment
    To Mr. Ree who wrote: "Don't blame junkfood - they did it to themselves. They don't have the self discipline to not have the cheese on the fries or by eating two cheeseburgers instead of just one."

    No one does this to themself because they want to be unhealthy and overweight. Read a book called Slim for Life or watch Movie Documentaries like Food Inc and Food Matters. They will allow you (especially the book) to learn about the chemicals deliberately put in our foods that are designed to keep us coming back for more. People are not supposed to be exercising enormous amounts of will in order to stop themselves from eating certain things. Some foods have us hooked, just like a drug. Advertising and conditioning to believe (and promise, falsely) that food will make us happy and change things for us also contributes to the problem of overeating or eating the wrong things. Please think twice before you say stuff like that.

    To AussieDave who wrote: "Now they are eevrywhere. As a divorced father of 2 and back on teh dating scene, I'm totally dismayed by single women in their 40s now ...95% are FAT! Disgusting! And many wonder why men may have sex with them but won't stay for a relationship. We realise they are still going to get worse."

    I can't believe you said that. At least these women can lose weight. Can you lose your attitude, which makes you sound disgusting? : ) Not nice, is it? I encourage you to stop thinking of a woman as a piece of meat, only there to look good for you. You will meet someone nice if you change the way you think. No one will love you if you're cruel, at least not somebody who is good.

    To Frank Martin DiMeglio who wrote: "TV is also a significant cause of obesity and depression. TV is an emotional euphoric and an emotional painkiller. It is the plug-in drug, and it is a type of hallucinatory and schizophrenic experience."

    Yep, TV is VERY harmful. In fact, it is said that you burn less calories while watching TV than if you were to sit there with the TV switched off, doing nothing.

    Read the book 'Slim for Life' by Jason Vale. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. You will never be tricked in to eating bad things again. It's probably one of the best books I've ever read.
  81. John
    Bullshit sexist-ass article.
  82. Jon
    lol at all the lame excuses. if you're fat.. its your own fault. and guess what? you're going to die young. Anyone know of any old fat people? Few and far between. Your heart is going to give out because of your unhealthy lifestyle. Say hello to diabetes, health issues, and immobility if you can even make it to 60.

    Being fat is NOT attractive. It's unhealthy and gross.
  83. Pal o J4
    I blame three things, food, genetics and birth control pills. Those pills are chock full of hormones, if you aren't working hard to counteract the effects it starts adding up. Also beer is NOT your friend ladies, its a called a "beer gut" for a reason. Furthermore, if your momma is husky chances are nature is not on your side, after 25 your metabolism begins to slow down. There is no replacing exercise and good nutrition, no matter what they tell you at Weightwatchers or OA.
  84. fuck people
    sexism sells
  85. boobs
    it gives them bigger boobs
  86. El                    show commment
  87. fatisyuck
    15 was skye model. circa 2006 at best. although i couldnt find any more info, i dont think its shopped. Its standard practice for models to bank up shots when there young and pretty.
  88. grim_paladin
    i dunno. 10-12 are still pretty hot. especially 10. she's pretty f***ing hot. I think she's hotter with those extra pounds.
  89. Wow!
    All of these girls are young and beautiful. Please take control of your eating habits. I am afraid to see what you all will look like when you get 30 or 35. Diets don't work just change the way you eat. Please! Please! I am rooting for you ALL.....
  90. pizza
    This is what happens when it becomes almost illegal to tell someone they gained weight.
  91. lezura666
    Junk food gives woman large breasts!!!
  92. waggy
    jullie zitte een allemaal een beetje te zeiken bitches
  93. Marcy
    Like most women... these ladies tried to keep up appearances when younger because of the pressures of society and they thought that they had to look a certain way in order to be liked by others. But as they grew older they didn't give a shit was others thought of them and ate what they wanted. I'd like to see some pictures of men in their late twenties and thirties with beer guts. It's not just women who gain weight you know.

    Many of you who are calling these girls fat and lazy are going to look a lot like these women in 10 or 15 years so watch what you say!
  94. Divvie
    Were they single in the first photo?
  95. Billy
    Some of those girls still look freaking fab!
  96. dass
    fuck i wanna fuck
  97. Winner
    What a waste of hot ass......but to look on the bright side, their boobs did get bigger ;)
  98. mehmeh
    you know what happened to these girls?
    A society in which artificial hormone therapy is thought to be the only effective birth control.
    It's sick really. Does so much more harm than good.
  99. MyNameIs
    Reply to the comment # 4, Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich :)

    Women have three emotions only. Sleep, sleep and sleep.
  100. boobies
    wow i love the booty.... BOOBIES!
    seriously, that happens to everyone that just keeps ramming down junk food down your gob. Happened to me, I packed 120 pounds in 3 months by going hard on junk food. Then it took a while before I could lose all the excess fat.
    Handy tip - eat junk in moderation... not every second...
  101. John
    ...it makes them look hot, obviously.
  102. Larry
    I'm a guy. Some of the girls actually look better.

    But overall, this article is sexist and one sided bullshit. Why don't they show this about PEOPLE in general? It's sad that we still live in a society where women are picked out for gaining weight.
  103. MxS
    There's a lot of people who like chubby women.
  104. sas
    you do realise they are mostly fake right?
  105. marc0871
    some of the girls in 'before' shots,are downright skinny.
    i don't like bags of bones.
    i'll have a chubby chick any time.

    btw;#1,4,6,9,12 and 16 >yummie<
  106. damn
    note to self: do not get married before 30.
  107. juniorsoprano
    I don't see anything wrong here, They are still the same person fat or thin...if you like them thin then you should like them if they've gained weight. I wouldn't leave my girlfriend if she gained weight, I love her as a person to much to be that superficial
  108. Bobbo
    Yeah, it's terrible what junk food can do to some girls. But looking at some of the girls here, junk food has at least given them big, beautiful breasts.
  109. rickkraft
    #10 please :D
  110. ABlackGauy
    Bitches better hit up that paleo diet!!!
  111. rubenator
    Most of these girls look way hotter after, so yeah! A few of them looked anorexic, so glad they started eating. Sweet, more to grab onto.
  112. lolwtfomgftw
    u pičku materino
  113. John H..
    I'm a man who takes care to keep in shape. 31 years now, still no beer belly in sight. :-)
    I think it's most important if a girl has a beautiful face. Which most of those have.
    Also, I like my woman to have a little fat, especially in the thighs, butt and -most important- tits.
    Some of them could (if I weren't married) just wrap a ribbon around me and take me home as a present for themselves. They are really beautiful.
    I think guys who especially want women with boy-like bodies, I mean the ones who tirelessly rip on girls with a bit more to cuddle, are latent homosexuals. Which is okay, but it isn't to be so tough about it.
  114. Anonymous
    Wow. Okay, this is ridiculous. Some of these photos are photoshopped and the rest are YEARS older than they were in high school or had children. Just because someone isn't "skinny" doesn't mean they eat junk food all the time.
  115. stan the man
    You fat broads are in denial.
  116. BDS
    Yes indeed. We should be offering these women the dignity they've chosen to deny themselves. Wait, what?

    C'mon folks. There are only two categories of people who would say these women look better in the 'after' pics, women and involuntarily celibate men.
  117. Ollie
    It's ok, Ms. Moo Moo. We know you're angry, but it doesn't change your size.

    Go get on a treadmill.
  118. j
    lol at the fat girls saying they look better as fatties.
  119. Fat Loser
    I can't describe my shock. And I don't just mean at the terrible carnage that has taken place on previously beautiful women. I'm also shocked at the fact that 2/3 of the commenters here insist that the after pics look better?! BETTER?!

    I might accept it as true if there were one or two commenters saying that, but 2/3?!

    Something smells mighty fishy to me here...

    Like I said, I don't have a problem with people finding attractive what they find attractive - there's no accounting for taste.

    But this doesn't jibe with my reality at all. Of all the friends I have ever had and the 100s of acquaintances that I've talked to, I don't believe I have ever even met one, not a single ONE, that would prefer the girl's after state.

    Given this evidence, I believe the majority of the comments here are trolls just lying. Maybe incensed women? Or men who have never met a woman in real life and would get hard at the very idea of sex with anyone at all? I don't know. But this board is the the complete opposite of reality.

    You should rename it the Twilight Zone.

    For those who want to lose weight, check out the sensible guide at losing10 d0t com...
  120. JT.
    Spoken like a true brain washed numb-skull. Regardless of what you may claim, it’s very obvious that your life experience lacks the depth required to accurately comment on this issue. It's a fact that many men would prefer these women in their after state. Only those who are afraid to admit their real feeling would deny that a full figured woman would be less desireable than a boney assed chick. LOL
  121. That's Right
    As a young, wealthy and successful businessman thank you for pointing out to the younger lads that men with options wouldn't dare date or tolerate their woman who's overweight.
  122. Biggerricker
    Or maybe you should just take care of yourself, eat right and exercise and stop blaming "sexist shallow men" for not wanting to chat your morbidly obese chewed bubble gum butt up any more.

    exhibit 240 why I won't pay for other peoples health care.
  123. doodoo
    sexist immature lies. women have way many more factors than just eating habits and so do men but none are shown here. whoever made this site please go cut your clit sized dick off and die.

    number 15 apparently got to many compliments so was deleted. lol.
  124. Loltroll
    I love how the women cry offense to it / Sexist remarks :D Maybe if you put the burgers and fries down and counted your calories you wouldn't take offense ;D. Just saying. And big tits aren't that great. Especially if their fat as fuck. Just saiyan o_O
  125. Amywertyuio
    Junk food? Half these girls are at parties and you think it's just junk food? I guess no one wants to title this "what beer does to girls"
  126. Bond
    "NOT eating and destroying their health and subsequently their metabolism in order to attain impossible standards is why they got bigger. And in most cases, hotter."

    NONE of those girls were underweight to begin with. They were healthy. And if that's your idea of 'impossible standards', try putting the twinkie down, tubby.

    Fat is ugly, period. (except for those that have to need to suckle).
  127. James
    Check out #17 and the dates. Some of the dates are mixed up. I still do the chick, tho. I want her to strangle me with her sexy fat and choke me with her enormous titties.
  128. 0823
    being fat its unhealthy period, I am overweight myself, i struggle lots with my weight, still i am happy with my self and have good self esteem but i am aware that im not in very good shape, still i have a wonderful boyfriend, he has a hot body, he is rich, sucessful, funny, handsome etc., so yeah theres a lot of guys that like bigger girls, but i mean there has to be a limit, some of this girls do looks good but others just gained too much weight and that cant be good, anyway, i do think number 12 look very hot, but 17 gained too too much weight at hte end, she should have stayed at a medium point where she was chubby and not obese, anyway people stop hating on fatties, i am one myself and i can tell u all that i gained all my extra pounds a few years ago when i got thyroid disease but obviously my eating habits werent great either so thats why i gained lots of weight, now im balanced and try to watch what i eat but it is hard to get back to my skinny weight lol
    just be happy and try to be at ur best what ever that is chubby, skinny, etc etc just be healthy the most u can
  129. James
    So what I'm getting is, to a limited degree, junkfood causes girls to grow massive titties. Yes.
  130. Ed Bermeo
    thats why a parties the smart girls do shots only...... and get real..they do not look hotter ...chubby chicks are only good for one thing...a bj.just make sure she don't eat it hahaha
  131. hottielover
    I think the majority of the chicks look better

    Wow! number 10 looks much sexier in the after pic...in the face and the body.
  132. Liz
    This is really rude!!! something might of happened to them! you know something that diminished their self-esteem!!!! what about guys! do u think they would like it if someone did this to them!! THE PERSON WHO MADE THIS IS A DISGRACE TO MANKIND!
  133. mrhmm
    I don't see anything wrong with them... they got bigger boobs! x)
  134. sigh
    ...Is it just me or do some of these women look better? At least it went to better areas than most in some cases... I envy a few of them, and I know for a fact that my boyfriend would fucking LOVE me to look like those few xD
  135. D
    Yeah, the same thing happened to my wife. An sedentary office job, going out for lunch every day and a love of sweets and ice cream did her in. She 's swollen up from 130 pounds to 250. She used tom complain about how fat she was gtting but now she just eats and keeps getting fatter.
  136. salsapopo
    damn u mac
  137. orendadude
    Nothing else matters. MASSIVE TITTIES. After I have had my way with them, they can die.
  138. Guyanese
    This pic has been photoshoped
  139. Buffet
    EEEK fat bitches! Harpoon their nasty asses! FOUL!
  140. JOHN
  141. GeronimoX
    Big is beautiful!!
    14 looks like she's on prednison... Whoever posted this is an asshole!

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