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  1. Andy from Beaverton
    The press and Obama administration are in a nuclear frenzy trying to scare all of us. This plant would not be having the core issues if the tsunami didn't flood vital equipment to keep it operating safely. I would love to know why they never built an above the ground water reservoir that could be used in emergencies like this.

    Nevada has had over 900 nuclear test. Before 1963, almost all testing was above ground. Time for a reality test by the press.
  2. anon
    nuclear plant not only leaking radiation, also leaking swine flu and massive amounts of media hype!!!
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  4. lolz
    americans=proud to be stupid.

    happy this happened to japan because it's payback for pearl harbor,so what millions of people died at the hans of the atomic bomb

    but they will be

    sad because exports from japan aren't happening anymore.goodbye good quality cars,goodbye tehnology,goodbye stability on the stock exchange,goodby good quality components for ipad2,iphone4 and iphone5,no more lines outside applestore.oh and did i mention that the radiotin from japan is carried by the wind to the west coast of north america?

    don't worry it's just the media bullshiting you.go back to your mcdonalds and put some more fat on you while you become the biggest ignorants on the planet and a country full of cuckolds and lazy asses

    apologies to the real people in america.this post was meant only for the ignorants like the 2 posters above
  5. lolzz
    not lol

    not lol

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