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  1. Forrest
    #70 That must be fake!
    #73 <3
    #108 That's in Serbia, Drvengrad. Movie theme park, and that next to Johnny is famous director Kusturica.
  2. 2
    omg!!! lol!!! making fun of Christians and Republicans is so awesome.

  3. Fenrisulven
    #8 Firewood?
    #48 LOL!
    #104 Hot n dangerous!
    #91 Can they even read??
  4. what is this i don't even
    The ad in Polish on #116 doesn't make much sense. Here's some translation:

    The Bible mentions it!
    May 21 2011
    Cry to GOD to have mercy on you!
    Shortwave 7590 kHz att 19:00-20:00
    Free radio broadcast from satellite
    Eutelsat Freebird 6 - details on the FamilyRadio site
  5. black_tiger
    #119 honor/pride is like an orgasm:
    if you don't get it, you will fake it to make some1 (voters) happy.
    saving 2 ppl in a media shot directed (to clean the dirty work done by US & UN in Afghanistan) will fix the killing of more than 10K civilian (at the beginning of the war only).

    why no 1 take a photo about headline of UN soldiers raped underage girls in sudan???

    or forcing women to sell their bodies for UN food in serbia??

    pal, you don't need a photoshoped pic to prove your honor. You need a miracle.
  6. Sigh
    #42: stupid bim, its pronounced "Bey-ner"

    ... so its a war crime to fight evil when a civilian is nearby? Are you just an idiot?
  7. ok69
    #120 is the best :)):)):)):)):)):)):)):))
  8. zhem
    #119 even when your protecting the lives of those civilians?
  9. black_tiger
    to zhem,
    1. is it real or photoshopped?
    2. is it real or for getting supporters for a filthy war?
    3. name one US war (in the late years) wasn't hiding behind a noble fake reasons.
    4.what ever you smoking, you can stop it now. It start working.
  10. a
    How do drunk drivers make people fat and lazy?
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