What the Iranian People Carry in Their Bags (117 pics)


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  1. michael c.
    filthy rag-heads.
  2. djp
    Fuck you michael c., you redneck racist mother fucker
  3. tomm
    I have to say, it differs very much from the stuff me and my friends carry. What suprises me most is that they have at least two phones and additional player. Is there any particular reason why they do it?
  4. Eliot
    @tomm: In Iran it is illegal to have a girlfriend (or boyfriend), so usually each Iranian has two phones that one of them is for general usage (Family, regular friends and ...) an the other one is used to call GF or BF!! :D :D
  5. trololololol
    Next up , cavity search (sorry for my bad English)
  6. tony v.
    See? No bombs, USA lurid bitches! Now, WHAT DO YOU carry?
  7. izis
    wtf is #12? a whole fuckin hi-fi in the bag? #1 needs to tell him there exists portable mp3-players. Like iPod and shit!
  8. M A N
    no PADs and no condoms. girls dont get period in iran? and no morning after pills ...
  9. fido
    No weapons? Not even a simple pocket knife, wtf!
  10. Axy
    im surprised at the number of American products. They hate America so much but sure enjoy our consumer products. I have an Iranian friend with US citizenship and he told me they still stomp on the American flag in most schools. They're sending a very mixed message to their citizens.
  11. leroy
    too bad none of these smelly camel jockies carry air freshener.
  12. shawn s
    umm, I'm Iranian and I can say for everyone 'Who the hell cares'
    everyone has things in their purse.

    also, the post is wicked long.
  13. Lolo
    One dude's driver's license and health card are Canadian. These aren't necessarily people living in Iran.
  14. izzimyfizzi
    What, no bombs? Sheez.
  15. Mr.Teo
    lol! about that "condoms , pads and morning after pill and etc~~"
    you know people in iran are fucking shy !
    even about showing their Bombs! lol ! JK~~
    btw I love this project and my bag is in the pix too~ haha
  16. Forrest
    Oh look, a bag like any other in the world...
    Pointless post... I have most of this stuff in my purse... Except #12 and #27 though... And, there is a pad on the first picture...

  17. marconi
    Czech 100 and 200 Crowns and Czech Marlboro on picture 29

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