Huge Tiger Spotted at Hampshire Cricket Ground (2 pics)



Passers-by reported spotting a big white tiger near the Hampshire cricket ground in England. The police sent armed officers backed up by a helicopter and asked a nearby zoo for help. The hunt for the wild beast began.


Officers evacuated a golf course and warned locals to stay indoors while they were hunting. And only thermal-imaging cameras that didn’t register any heat from the animal helped the police to realize that an “escaped beast” was the life-size cuddly toy. Somebody left it on the field for some unknown reasons.


image description
  1. anon
    this is down the road from my house, they had tranquilizers out and everything, wasnt till the the wind from the helicopter knocked it over they realised it was a toy.
  2. BH
    First look at the picture I knew it was fake. The head was too round.
  3. anon
    some passerby called it in, and a policeman went down and said yer its a tiger apparently. i bet he is getting the piss taken out of him now, bet he gets lots of tiger teddies in his locker and stuff :)
  4. Apu Kalipshis
    hahahahaha, good prank
  5. chrisbumble
    now thats what a prank should be.
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