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  1. Aftab
    thats nice.. go meet your family and kids have some memorable pics with you and get ready to go and kill innocent women and children in iraq and afghanistan ..
  2. jennz
    Thank a soldier or veteran.
  3. black_tiger
    each photo saied:
    "I will go kill some kids parents so you can see yours again"
    what a sweet thing :)
    the righteous of the wars is decided by "honest" "GOOD" men called politicians; which by the way are the same kind of people who take off african race from the homeland to "HELP" building a "Bitter Life" I mean better.
    Now, the race color was changed to include more races and instead of food they pay you salary (and green card :) in some cases) the penalty became prison instead of death.
    welcome to the new slavery age (where your color does not matter) help us to build new america by killing randomly some other nation civilians.
  4. melneanay
    why do you go to war in iraq ?
    if you are very romantic gay and love your children ???

    why ?
    why ?
    why ?

  5. chrisbumble
    they fought for country.

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