The developers of Fallout: New Vegas video game assure that their futuristic game is close to real Vegas locations. Copywriter Chris Worth from London decided to compare the game locations with the Mojave Desert locations to see if the role-playing game is matter-of-fact.


Fallout: New Vegas vs. Real Locations

A unique optical phenomenon was seen above the sea level in the north of Haikou City at 4 p.m. on May 9. Local residents were amazed by a mirage of a ghost city that hung between the sky and sea. The miracle lasted for an hour. It appeared due to the extremely high temperature on Hainan Island that is not common for this season of the year.


Ghost City

Rainbow Gatherings are community events that originally started in 1972. These events unite people who support the ideas of peace, love and harmony. Photos during Rainbow Gatherings are usually not allowed, but photographer Benoit Paille from Canada managed to take pictures of Rainbow people in Canada, Mexico, and Spain.


Rainbow People

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Chinese explorer Zheng He's ship in comparison with Columbus’s ship. Zheng He was born in 1371, and Columbus was born 80 years later.


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Romanian drivers have a special “transportation” culture. They like to park their cars in an exceptional way, add the most unusual inscriptions and drive the most creative transportation on the city streets. We thank Marlansky CEO for these great photos.


Transportation in Romania

I don’t know if you need a case mod that looks like WALL-E and moves around as if it were alive, but it surely looks awesome and unique. It was constructed by Thechoozen from Germany. Don’t forget to watch the video inside this post to see what this case mod can do.



The British Queen acceded to the throne in 1952. She’ll celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in 2012. She has become the second-longest enthroned monarch in thousand years reigning for 21,645 days in total. This is one day longer than the reign of George III.Queen Victoria is the longest reigning monarch in the British History. She is Elizabeth II’s great-great-grandmother.



The Life of Queen Elizabeth II in Photos

Tourists who come to Spain should visit Sevilla’s icon, the largest wooden structure in the world called The Metropol Parasol that undoubtedly turns heads. Its size is 150 x 70 meters. This huge structure covers restaurants, bars, a plaza, archaeological site and farmer’s market. Besides, there is a panorama deck at the top of it from which you can enjoy amazing views of Sevilla.


The Largest Wooden Structure in the World

Famous people often change their real names to sound cooler or be remarkable. Are these changes for good or not? It’s up to you to decide once inside this post you will find celebs’ names given them at birth and names they preferred to be called.


Katy Perry

Real Names of Celebrities

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson


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