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  1. JamesBrown
    At least she left him the dog :P
  2. eipassaa
    I guess the problem is that it seems to be a warm day and the dog has no water
  3. Bruce in Orlando
    She couldn't spell anyways.
  4. lolzz
    She cleaned the bank huh?? Probably $200,- or sumthing
  5. Gallardo
    When will people realise that YOUR and YOU'RE are not the same things...
  6. chrisbumble
    at least he still could have a good licking.
  7. Evellyn
    I have to rnemid my husband that our marriage and parenthood is a team effort since we both work and then he'll help me around the house so I can do other Christmas things.
  8. Librado
    In 2005 the US Marshal's Service iitredncted one ton of crank in Minnesota and a second ton of identical crank in Burbank, leading them the Kern County. After the murder suicide of Officer McGowan in San Bernadino County the crank mega-lab in Kern County shuttered; resulting in a 25% drop in violent crime in Los Angeles County. Kern County Probation (CalMET) is directly responsible for manufacturing 3 tons of crank anually and 46,000 State prisoners; providing $4,000,000,000 in additional Health and Safety money to California SEIU members. The SCotUS has chosen to release these 46,000 prisoners, as their rights have been violated; in addition to the millions of California citizens harmed by Kern and San Bernadino County law enforcement.

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