Meet 16-Year-Old Wife Courtney Stodden (16 pics + 1 video)

Stodden is allegedly in the midst of her sixteenth year, but from the looks of her photos and video she looks more like an Orange County housewife. She married 51-year old actor Doug Hutchison in Las Vegas, with the consent of her mother. Now she can become the famous singer she has always dreamed of, if only she could sing.


Doug is an actor who you might recognize as that creepy guy from “Lost”

Or that creepy guy from “The Green Mile”

Or that creepy guy from “The X-Files”

The happy couple

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  1. Esco
    Rough as Rats !!!!
  2. lobo
    16 years, she looks 30
  3. skip
    wow, horrible
  4. Piloto loco
    Such class, she'll be a perfect fit with the rest of the hollywood failures from Disney. Someone cast her quickly, get Hannah montana off the stage.
  5. herewego2006
    makes me want to vomit!!
  6. CDN
    16?! Not even close! Definitely looks like late 20s early 30s.
  7. IzaBela89
    she looks like 30 :|
  8. michael c.
    what the fuck is the point of marrying a 16 year old if she doesn't look 16?
  9. Enter your name
    To show us how wicked the world has become
  10. Mezzezo
    Even Rebacca black sings better..
  11. looka
    she looks like a man who had a pretty successful sex chance
  12. karla
    She definitly not have 16, is what they said for publicity, she had a lot of plastic surgery trying to look young
  13. Yez
    The pink dog made me puke
  14. Fenrisulven
    First of all, she looks like she's 35. Second, #11 don't think so! Third, She don't sing country in that fugly video and she's even worse than Ke$ha. Try watch that video without sound, It looks almost like she got some neurological problems. (why the stupid mute icon izzi?)
  15. Explore Talent
    Looks as though these pictures have been taken from our members profile on Pleases give credit to our site or remove the pictures. Thank you.
  16. Tarzan
    does she have anything real on her body?
  17. lolzz
    wonder how she looks when she's 30.. Probably like my grandma!
  18. M
    she looks like 30-35....look at the skin around her arms and armpits
  19. Biliou
    New Coco on the horizon?
  20. Eliorich
    new face in porn industry :P
  21. Tyler Durden
    Boy, if she really is 16, just imagine what she'll look like when she's 30.
  22. h4h
    lol I don't think they married each other for love. she married him for the money and he married her for the looks most likely. though i don't think those are good looks nor will they last long. :v
  23. Che
    what the hell is wrong with her arms? they are as thin as paper!
  24. JimJams
    A lot of you are saying she looks 30. He's 51. So either way it's still a result!
  25. lobo
    no in fact she's not sixteen but sixty
  26. gg
    she has 16 years on each leg
  27. Peanut
    She looks like another middle-aged cheap trick, with no talent and crummy looks.
  28. Enter your name
    us girls are whores all of them united states in california a 18yrs girl can fuck 30guys film it and its legal but she will be arrested drinkin beer or fäuckin guys for money and dont make it public by tape the sex us logic thx that ur logic sistem isnt here in europe ur must be dumbest people on earth just for vote bush 2 damm ur country sooo fucked better co to canada dear us citizens u wont have future fat ugly stupid whores and crackheads and crytal meth addicts why here in europe is no crack and no crystal meth BECAUSE WE HAVE EDUCATION WITH MILLIONS OF IMMIGRANTS TO AND A STRONG HEALTHY SOCIALSTATE THATS DEMOCRACY NOT IF A SCHOOL GET CLOSED BECAUSE THERE NO ONE SPONSORING U RIDICULOUS SRY FOR BAD ENGLISH BUT IS TRUE THINK ABOUT IT WE GOT NOT HARD PUNISH FOR CRIMINALS SO WE HAVE LESS CRIMINAL U PUT THEM IN JAIL AS MARIHUANA DEALER HE COMES OUT AS GANGMEBER PSYCHOPATH CRIMINAL REAL MENACE TO SOCIETY US BRAINSS MUST BE FULL OF FRENCH FRIES AND SHIT OTHERWISE ITS NO WAY TO EXPLAIN UR STUPIDTY
  29. chrisbumble
    bed must be sturdy.
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  31. Enter your name
    She is very ugly! breast implants not make you beautiful!

    ugly looking fking bitch!
  32. Compilation
    LOL my 43 yr old mother looks centuries younger then her HAHA! her body is saggy and her face..mygod.

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