A Stop Motion Tribute to Terminator 2



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  1. lobo
    intresting but still prefer the movies (1 to 3)
  2. Enter your name
    forever alone :D
  3. AQua
    he saw our ding-a-ling governor eigngg on AC casino workers to unionize. Ever faithful to his political ambitions -JonBoy figures the union is another voting bloc he can trade for higher office (in an Obama admin now that Jon screwed up with Hillary). Plus the casino union is a voting bloc Jonny needs for reelection. Course I like BOB INGLE's take that this nitwit Corzine is confused he's a union promoter when it's to his benefit (completely forgetting he represents all taxpayers). Yet, when Corzine goes out of state he morphs into yet another personality presenting himself as an anathema to unions a **Wall Street wiz** fixing NJ's problems.So how many personalities does Corzine have? I suggest we all reread **The Three Faces of Eve.** Maybe Ingle will let us know if JonBoy was ever forced to kiss his dead grandmother.=============================Corzine got a thrill when **Quickie Carla** used the union label. JonBoy was so excited -Carla demanded he kiss it through the union label so she'd have an imprint of the union logo where the sun don't shine.

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