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  1. AnnaMolly
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  3. MrTroll
    Best Post i Have Ever Seen! :D
    MoooooooooReeeeeeeee plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  4. Tarzan
    Amazing.. the best post ever...
  5. ArseLona
    hahaha great post
  6. Xell
    Number 7 and 12, youtube links pls.
  7. chrisbumble
    that's a crazy monkey.
  8. Yuma
    You say that, and yet the first time I baked a cake by myself for my gamrma's birthday, I did not know you were supposed to chill the cake first. And I'm a woman. Not even a girl; a 20-something woman! I had even baked before just nothing that required icing (cookies, mostly, occasionally brownies). The cake also collapsed, partly because I made the layers too thick and didn't let them cool before putting them together and icing them. However, it also tasted absolutely delicious, so nobody including Gramma cared I think it's funny people assume everybody knows these things just because they're female, though. As if all females are still raised to be housewives. I mean, if you're going to stereotype us (which you are, because it's human nature to stereotype), at least update your stereotypes for instance, I would have gone with clearly done by a teen or 20-something who thought things that are straightforward would also be easy and thus didn't look up how to do them properly .
  9. Sarah
    the whole cookie ntesomr cookie/cupcake thing is wrong.this is coming from someone who will be majoring in pastry arts come fall 2012, and someone who has alot of experience baking:one, the icing obviously melted because the cookies were still hot when they put it on. if a cookie was cooled to the right temp. icing shouldn't melt.two,it didn't come out looking like fur, because they didn't use the correct decorating tip.
  10. Fumihiko
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  11. Maria
    Love, I can bake circles arunod most girls I know, including my mother. And to be honest i pictured a blond Snooki standing in the kitchen crying about how she put so much work into cupcakes when in all honesty, she really had too high expectations like always.

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