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  1. Alkhoren
    #6 lol, it's like the dog doesn't got bones on its head now
  2. chrisbumble
    #10 ugly.
  3. lolzz
    good idea
  4. Syed
    I am surprised that the Admin didn't post any cnemmots like: The former KGB is responsible for Tornadoes or Due to the poor quality of air and low salaries, Tornado decided not to attack the city of Moscow.
  5. Surendra
    He9le8ne Lortie et Christian Dompierre - WOW, Tellement beau et tellement vous en meame temps, ce sont les plus beells photos de mariage que j'ai jamais vue. De plus, pour moi qui e9tait e0 l'hopital et qui a malheureusement manque9 cette journe9e magique, aujourd'hui c'est un peu comme si j'e9tais le0 merci beaucoup de nous faire partager ca avec vous. Magnifique, FELICITATIONS
  6. Kobayashi
    Sorry, but your data is gone. That is the reason you back up a hard drive! Expensive lesosn learned and as far as data recovery, I have never had succesful recovery done. A lot of money thrown away. When you purchase a new hard drive, get an external HD at the same time, and back up data regularly onto external drive !

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