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  1. chrisbumble
    morning - need to pee
  3. Alkhoren
    #11 Ok this is a vision, now mine :
    1rst choice : Don't exercise, eat all you want, get fat, have terrible sex (if any), have aches all days, get bitter, get angry, get alone, get sad, die alone painfully and early.
    second choice, Exercise a a litle each day but intensively, eat all you want, get ripped or just don't get fat, have a healthy lifestyle, great sex, no remorse, low level of stress thanks to sport, don't get angry, keep your wife, love your children, die late after a full life.
    Taking care of our bodies is just respecting the heritage of our ancestors. Not doing so is being a spoiled child with no brain.
  4. Analphilosopher
    love morning pic dumps to go with my morning wood.
  5. Enter your name
    52 Good lord what a lie, not only did Bush's tax cuts increase revenue but the OMB has estimated the health insurance takeover act to cost ten times that much. And the chart left of trillions of dollars of proposed spending that Obama has said he wants. I guess those don't count even though it speculates about what his spending will be in the next six years.
  6. Ser
    SOme are kind of grotesque... thx anyway
  7. Fnark
    whoever made #13 sort of missed out on the fact that they are mirrored. They don't complete each other, they are missing the same arm/leg :P
  8. G
    The US spend the most BNP for the worst health care.
    Change your tune retards...

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