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Top 7 posts of yesterday

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Priyanka 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
My wife and I are loevrs of Irish music and step-dancing. I could mention any number of performers or groups, but any talented Irish musician can move most people. We have never been to Ireland, but eagerly await reports from those of our friends who have travelled there. The picturesque and variety of landscapes intrique us we usually have an Irish calendar hanging somewhere in our house. The warmth of the culture seems to be most appealing, particularly given the cooler, dampish climate. It seems like nothing can get a good Irishman or lass down, although , maybe, a wee glass assists. We fantasize about vacationing in a small-townB&B near a few local pubs to be enjoyed. The rich, green countryside we imagine seems to go on forever. The shepherders and fishermen exude a spirit of the Irish land & sea. Given the unique Irish history and cultural development, and after reading Trinity (Leon Uris), I would love to be awakened by a wee, small leprechaun dancing in a sunbeam on my bed while visiting the Irish countryside. Are we dreamers or is the Irish land we fantasize for real?