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  1. Gnarf
    Swinger wasn't called where are the babies. It's "Where are the babes?".
    It used to be common practice that if a title did not have a proper translation into Swedish they simply come up with a new one.
    For instance Starwars Episode 1 is not called The Phantom Menace here (no direct translation), it's called "The Dark Threat".
  2. Fenrisulven
    Gnarf is right. These are not bad translations, but new local titles for the movies. In this post, they are probably poorly translated to English.
  3. spinah
    Polish title for "Die Hard" movies is "Szklana pulapka"- a trap made of glass. Another example is The Bold and the Beautifull - trend for success
  4. dr_d
    i'm from israel, and they do screw the title when translated to hebrew
  5. sssa
    its HOT SHOTS in czech. not WARM SHOTS
  6. Analphilosopher
    HES A GHOST !!! hahaha wow what a spoiler !
  7. Spanish
    Both Spanish mistranslations are wrong. The Dark Knight was translated as "El Caballero Oscuro" (the dark knight), not the knight in the night.

    And the A Superthough Kangaroo is almost correct (although it sucks the same!), but it should be "A Superthough Babysitter", as in Spanish we use the same word (canguro) as the animal (kangaroo) and the person (babysitter).
  8. Athena
    I find the Chinese translations to be the most absurd one, especially the Sixth sense one, 'he's a ghost'? way to spoil the biggest surprise in the film
  9. ingvarr
    Heh, I remember polish Dirty Dancing translated as Wirujący Seks and that would be Spinning Sex. :D
  10. Enter your name
    In czech,it's not warm shots,it translates as gay shots... :D
  11. Tarzan
    lots of them are spoilers..
  12. from portugal
    lost in translation in portuguese is "Love is a Strange Place" ("o amor é um lugar estranho") and not "Meetings and Failures in Meetings".. die hard 2 is "airport assault" and not "airport attack"
    the list is a bit fake...
    i dont believe in chinese titles..
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