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Hello everyone!


I just wanted to let you know that we won’t make posts that are too sexy from now on, only posts with pretty girls, but no cleavages and stuff too sexy.

But the good news is, starting from this weekend, Izismile will be also updated on Sundays!




PS: Don't forget to look the Morning Picdump.


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  1. Enter your name
    uuummmm why not?
  2. bdfbfd
    jane reno? is that his twin sister? :P
  3. ars1
    too much girls are annoying anyway...
  4. dilliox
    posts with sexy girls don't fit with the theme of izismile, and made it more like thechives, which i dislike. there are plenty of websites that you can see more explicit pictures and porn.

    However, i wouldn't mind if you guys throw in some extremely good ones in pic dump once in a while :D
  5. Fenrisulven
    Too sexy??? Did anyone complain? well, erooups is still up and running...
  6. Axy
    maybe you should also omit anything with references to beating women.
    I will miss the sexy girl dumps - they were a lot of fun
    agree with dilliox - I wouldn't mind if you guys throw in some extremely good ones in pic dump once in a while

    erooups was sold and has gone down hill

    #40 - reverse UHE effect

    #54 - high five

    #67 - lucky monkey

    #101 - rick perry - THANKS

    "Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?" An Austin Ron Paul supporter has taken out a full-page ad in the local alt weekly newspaper seeking any "stripper ... escort ... or 'young hottie'" who has slept with Rick Perry, part of his single-minded jihad against the presidential candidate.

    BTW - I had planned not to do any political bogging but the republicans are making it too easy.
  8. Seriously
    Girls are the devil bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to your momma and dont look at cleavage or too sexy pictures...LOL
  9. Bob H.
    Another pantywaist caves to the feminist lobby. If you people had your way every place would look like North Korea.
  10. Nixus
    Whee, it's the Laserskater in pic 35. http://laserskater.suntuubi.com/ Real-life superhero :D
  11. kero
    not bad but not like every day ;)
  12. Enter your name
    I would tend to agree with Izi's change. The site went from 90% funny pictures - 10% or less of sexy girls and stories to creating a pic dump devoted just for the sexy girls, and gif dumps with cleavage jumping, and other the main pic dumps with a lot of the girls as well. I started browsing here because it was a place to come to laugh and share with others around me.
    Thanks izi.
  13. paulo pt
    great, two good news. no, i'm not gay

    why do you keep thats links in the end of the post's?
  14. Fenrisulven
    #56 Found! Find R2D2 to the lower left, then go up a little and right. Oh!, I also found a tachikoma, the best robot ever.
  15. Peanut
    Interesting pics. Thanks for sharing.
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