Gorgeous Miss Universe Winners From 1952 to Present (60 pics)

Take a look through the annals of history at all the past beauty queens and find the one you like the most. This nearly 60-year-old beauty competition brings together the most stunning women of the world.


Armi Kuusela

1952, Finland

Christiane Martel

1953, France

Miriam Stevenson

1954, USA

Hillevi Rombin

1955, Sweden

Carol Morris

1956, USA

Gladys Zender

1957, Peru

Luz Marina Zuluaga

1958, Colonbia

Akiko Kojima

1959, Japan

Linda Bement

1960, USA

Marlene Schmidt

1961, Germany

Norma Nolan

1962, Argentina

Ieda Maria Vargas

1963, Brazil

Corinna Tsopei

1964, Greek

Apasra Hongsakula

1965, Thailand

Margreta Arvidsson

1966, Sweden

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock

1967, USA

Martha Vasconcellos

1968, Brazilia

Gloria Diaz

1969, Philippines

Marisol Malaret

1970, Puerto Rico

Georgina Rizk

1971, Lebanese

Kerry Anne Wells

1972, Australia

Margarita Moran

1973, Philippines

Amparo Munoz

1974, Spain

Anne Marie Pohtamo

1975, Finland

Rina Messinger

1976, Israel

Janelle Commissiong

1977, Trinidad and Tobago

Margaret Gardiner

1978, South Africa

Maritza Sayalero

1979, Venezuela

Shawn Nichols Weatherly

1980, USA

Lailan Saez Conde

1981, Venezuela

Karen Diane Baldwin

1982, Canada

Lorraine Downes

1983, New Zealand

Yvonne Ryding

1984, Sweden

Deborah Carthy-Deu

1985, Puerto Rico

Barbara Palacios Teyde

1986, Venezuela

Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck

1987, Chile

Porntip Nakhirunkanok

1988, Thailand

Angela Visser

1989, Netherlands

Mona Grudt

1990, Norway

Lupita Jones

1991, Mexico

Michelle McLean

1992, Namibia

Dayanara Torres (left)

1993, Puerto Rico

Sushmita Sen

1994, India

Chelsi Smith

1995, USA

Alicia Machado

1996, Venezuela

Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee

1997, USA

Wendy Fitzwilliam

1998, Trinidad and Tobago

Mpule Kwelagobe

1999, Botswana

Lara Dutta

2000, India

Denise M. Quinones

2001, Puerto Rico

Oksana Fedorova

2002, Russia

Justine Pasek

2002, Panama

Amelia Vega

2003, Dominican Republic

Jennifer Hawkins

2004, Australia

Natalie Glebova

2005, Canada

Zuleyka Rivera

2006, Puerto Rican

Riyo Mori

2007, Japan

Dayana Mendoza

2008, Venezuela

Stefania Fernandez

2009, Venezuela

Jimena Navarrete

2010, Mexico


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  1. beardcheese
    1953 looks the cutest..
  2. incognito562
    from classy to trashy, smh
  3. lolzz
    some years they didn't really try..
  4. Hatredprime
    Mona Grudt is prettiest (I'm biased towards to redheads)
  5. Wow
    6 from Venezuela, is there something in the water there?
  6. Little
    Venezuela and the surrounding countries dominate this competition (Colombia, Trinidad, Puerto Rico). Unusual if at least two of these 4 places are not in the semifinals. It is no accident.
  7. Peanut
    I'm surprised Canada won twice. I don't watch these things. They are too politically correct.
  8. SuperTard
    what a bunch of complex-ridden average looking girls.
  9. triston
    miss wendy fitzwillam looks stunning i ting she is the most buietiful miss universe ever
  10. Victoria
    Her dress is too shaggy, but she's beautiful :)

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