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Top 7 posts of yesterday

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Jabar 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Todd, I lneread stuff, I don't deny that. It wasn't a disappointment, really In fact, the lack of really good barbecue is encouraging, as I think we're on the right track with what we're doing.The sauces weren't too bad, at least a couple of them. Most, however, were nothing but sweet, no real flavor. My favorite was molasses based and had some cinnamon and cloves in it; it would make a good rib sauce, I think.The javacue sauce is, I think, better than what we had at our table. However, I don't think the judges I was with knew how to judge a sauce. Sauces don't stand on their own; I think you have to consider them being used, as the flavors would be much less pronounced. So any spice at all turned off a couple of the judges, but if you have no spice to it, it will be really bland when you use it.
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