Chastity Bono's Transformation (29 pics)

See in pictures the amazing public transformation of the daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono.


Baby Chastity

Family Portrait, 1972

With Dad on 'The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour,' 1973

Chastity With Her Parents, 1973

Backstage With Mom, 1974

Chastity: Paparazzi Target, 1975

Cher and Chastity in New York, 1975

Arriving at JFK Airport With Sonny and Cher, 1977

Snowball! 1977 in Aspen, Colorado

Chastity's Christmas Stocking, 1977

With Mom and Little Brother, 1980

Chastity and Family in 1981

Glamour Shot! 1981

With Sonny, 1982

Celebrating the Opening of Sonny's Restaurant, 1983

On Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, 1983

Cher and Chastity in 1983

At the Premiere of 'Top Gun,' 1986

Chastity and Elijah Blue, 1991

Singer/Songwriter, 1993

In Mourning, 1998

With Cher and the GLAAD Media Awards, 1998

A Memoir, 2002

Introducing Chaz Bono, 2010

Changing His Name to Chaz Salvatore Bono, 2010


Chaz in Profile, 2010

Cher and Her Son, 2010

His New Life, 2011


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  1. mb20
    WTF 0.o
  2. Alkhoren
    Was never a beautiful girl, makes an ugly man. Don't hate, you know it's true.
  3. SomePplMakeMeSick
    He was hardly going to put in the effort required to fit your narrow minded perception of a "beautiful" girl if he didn't feel like he was girl in the first place. Wake up to yourself idiot.
  4. Fenrisulven
    @Alkhoren. Agree... A bit strange, she/he has a hot mum.
  5. leroy
    how come this fat faggot didn't get liposuction and a stomach stapling while hesheit was at it?
  6. button
    Ignoring your homophobic garbage, many FTM trans people who are in the middle of transitioning are still producing sufficient estrogen to give themselves breasts. Since having them is symbolic of the body Chaz has never felt whole in, many find it easier to gain weight during this time so that they just look fat as opposed to a male with breasts.
  7. ClutterLustRott
    <--------my reaction
    WTF over
  9. Cobra Stallion
    Ok so this is a story about a chick that became a man. For 20 years she was an object of hunting to the paparazzi (some of these pictures are clearly taken against her will). And now she's a dude. He's fat because of the hormone treatment, I'd say.
    Certainly not the easiest path to happiness...
  10. ptpie
    still love Cher
  11. ariana
    a real woman

    OMG is he a girl??
  12. Enter your name
    Great Parents!!
  13. heywood jablowme
    Kill it with fire!
  14. Blanche
    No balls - no kids.
  15. namvet61
    What a joke Chaz "Faggot" Bono is!
  16. Petter Griffin
    Who the hell cares?...

    <--- This is a hot chick.
  17. Boston
    Chaz is a great inspiration to many people and I'm sure his mother is really proud! His mother is such an inspiration As well to those who don't think dreams can come true. Yet they can. Chaz will always be an inspiration to people who can accept him for who he is. Most people just don't take the time realize all he went through to be happy! He is and always will be, a great inspiration.
  18. I always thought a lot of Cher. But Chaz,.... why except someone who can not except themselves?
  19. no name
    Shame on those who need to be rude,inconsiderate and hateful.
  20. Keri
    wow! You can definitely tell they are Chers kids! It's good to see how supportive she is to Chaz. We are need to show more love and understanding
  21. linzmcd
    I am disgusted by the amout of homophobic hatred from the majority of the comments on here! Why comment if u r only gonna call him names or say its wrong? It isn't wrong, its what he wants and always wanted. Why is it so wrong that someone should wanna feel comfortable in their own body? Grow up n drag ur asses into the real world. We don't live in the dark ages anymore, let people be who they wanna be.
  22. Who CARES
    Yes, and keep it to themselves. If your determined to advertise your personal life than guess what???
  23. Limited
    Great pic. Suck it haters.
  24. Jan
    Lovely kids!
  25. Alison
    I have so much respect for chaz, transitioning when you're the only fucking child of sonny and cher, couldn't have been easy. so seriously, like leave him alone. he's happy, so why are you obsessing over it and saying he's gross or fucked up. just be thankful you don't feel different that what sexe you are. open your mind. and I would totally date Elijah ;)
  26. Something
    You have no control on who or how they are going to be when they get older, we just do the best we can when they are younger.
  27. WIL
    Oh you little people, who have nothing better to say than cheap insult & unenlightened charachter assasination.... This heterosexual man has only contempt for your hateful banter & recognize the "tools" you have to work with are severly lacking. Poor YOU !...May all those that choose a "different path" outshine those that are caught in such a low standard mire of ugliness ( the TRUE "UGLY") toward other human beings!
  28. Supporter, 
    Chaz is amazing and so very brave! Lord only knows what kind of mean disgusting things people don't put on here but think. They need to grow up and show some respect. I'm sure that if you were in his shoes and didn't feel comfortable you would of got what he got done. Chaz is an inspiration to MANY! The Haterz an go suck it! Cher is very well respected for supporting him through all of this! It's amazing how two amazing people can leave such an impact on most of us! You know except for the haterzz.. 
  29. chermypassion
    i didnt understand it at first,why because i thought why would a beautiful young woman change herself into a man,but than i read some info about it,and i understand it now,i think that beautiful young woman has turned into a great handsome young man i trully have lots of respect for chaz always liked her them and i like him now haters read and learn before you judge ppl
    cant always have been that easy for him with famous parents
  30. Virgogo
    It is nobody's business if some one do whatever he or she wants with his/her own body! Never judge ppl fighting for the dream.
    Chaz, keep goin'! God bless youb and your family!
  31. Wtfarrell
    Where does all this disgusting hate come from. It sickens and saddens me. You keep doing what's right for you Chaz!!
  32. candace pereira
    Reading some of these posts made me sad. This person is trying to live their life s just like us all and people just hate difference.and are so ugly. Instead of hate how about thanking God you don't have to go through that.
  33. Tomorrow
    Yeah, good for you Chaz; BUT,why does this have to be SO public. Just do your thing and keep it to yourself. I respect everyones choice to be what they want UNTIL they make a it show like the whole friggin world needs to know - NOT. It shouldnt just be about gender anyway since you want to be so OPEN, looks like you need to focus on getting in shape or just plain ole HEALTHY.
  34. lmc
    I do not understand but my heart goes out to Chaz. I hope that this new life brings peace. Life is hard enough without others being cruel. No need to make horrible remarks.
  35. She is daddy's little girl of whom he was so proud of. I remember when they had their show on TV. No matter what is removed or added, you are still who you are. She started out as a she and she is still a she. She is what God made and not man.
  36. this story of a beautiful Family
    but such a sad ending
    with Twisted life Style
    with a change of Identity
    never will make Her/Him really

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