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  1. skydancer
    What kind of rifle are those?
  2. Enter your name
    They look like compition rifles im guessing a small caliber.
  3. stu
    OK I see now. Every single photo dump will always include a slam against Perry with the occasional "Bush is a 'tard" pic. Strangely, I was in Texas the day after Perry prayed for rain and it rained like crazy for the first time in months. A month later the State had wildfires. That is called weather. If you are a Communist fine--good luck to you. If you don't believe in God don't slam those who do.
    Who pays to flood the internet with this political propaganda?
  4. Vixen
    Actually stu, it's not about who 'pays' to flood the net with political propaganda. These pics are a snapshot of things circulating the net. And just because someone takes a jab at Perry doesn't mean that that person is a communist. He might just be, um, sane. And if you'd really like to see humor slamming those who believe in the primitive religions of blood, brutality, and sacrifice that originated in obscure desert villages of the Middle East (yep, the 3 big ones), you'll find much better elsewhere if I do say so myself.
  5. pointofnoreturn
    #31 Where is a 500 pound JDAM when you need it!

    #83 Looks like he drank too much of the cough syrup from that bottle.
  6. pornstar
    Ok, seriously, izi, I don't know who had the bright idea of dividing picdumps into pages, but it breaks the hashes in comments. Please don't do it.
  7. Enter your name
    The guy with the horns ( 2nd pic ) is Caius Veiovis, 31, who is facing murder charges over the deaths of three men in Massachusetts.
  8. Sigh
    #10: 3000 a day in America: abortions of helpless, innocent babies.

    Stu: exactly, in the guise of fun, these idiots feel compelled to ram their politics into every one of these posts. Its pathetic, and smacks of almost religious compulsion. Were it only about humor, there would be an even hand.
    folks - the perry stuff is normal and I like it

    BTW - remember the Sarah Palin stuff

    # 66 - great number - fits the photo to a tee

    Rick Perry’s Sick Prayer Circus
    Homer-sexyals are still a-marryin’ in New York. ‘ObamaCares’ ain’t goin’ no-whares, and Dummy-Belt studs are still layin’ down with Dummy-Belt gals at record rates, mixin’ up their Dummy-Belt bodily fluids and plantin’ Dummy-Belt buns in the oven.
  10. ptpie
  11. lolipop
    cool pics..
  12. 4down2
    #3-I knew foot fetish would get me in trouble...!

    #65-just awesome high !
  13. Buy oem
    Daka81 Good! Wish everybody wrote so:D
  14. Peanut
    #10 isn't about abortion. It is about terrorism, war, and starving children in Africa and the difference in death toll. By the way, better a woman get a proper abortion from a competent doctor, than use a coat hanger or go to a backstreet butcher.

    #8..so you wants to eat those apples after she has sat in them?

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