The Segway PT is a two-wheeled, self-balancing electric vehicle. As you can see, the Chinese had to originally deal with the self-balancing problem, but they were able to figure it out. What a genius nation.


Segway: The Chinese Version

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These are some very funny and some very strange people, animal, and cartoon lookalikes. They look remarkably similar. They are not necessarily the most flattering but they are definitely hilarious.


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Funny Lookalikes. Part 4

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This palace was hand built by postman Ferdinand Cheval. It took him 33 years to build and he calls it Palais ideal. It is a great reminder that a person can do anything with sufficient passion, effort, and time.


A Hand Built French Palace

When it comes to the lives of the rich and famous, being twenty, thirty or even forty years apart in age makes no difference to them. See which celebrity couples are the most shocking to you.


Hugh Hefner with Anna Sophia Berglund

He was born in 1926

She was born in 1986

Celebrity Love Has No Age Difference

Scarlett Johansson naked photos leaked to the internet and caused a real scandal this week. We would like to express our opinion. Scarlett, you have a great body, nice breasts and hot butt.

Dear Izismile readers, you can take a look at Scarlett’s “loyal” photo and share your thoughts on this issue.


Picture of the Day

More and more people are living an anti-consumerist lifestyle. They consumpt as less resources as possible and do not participate in the conventional economy. Their movement is called freeganism. It involves salvaging discarded and unspoiled food from supermarket dumpsters.