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  1. RPShep
    Ha! I made #58 about a month ago and posted it on Reddit.
  2. Pole dancer
    #50 is in Cracow, Poland. It's real. It's a sculpture of Eros the Fallen.
  3. coolhandluke
    #32 First of all, please learn english above such a rudimentary level. A better title would be "Do you know who this man is?".

    Second of all, a similar thing as the "c programming language" would have been developed regardless of this guy, just like there would still be light bulbs even if Thomas Edison never existed. It is the vision and the impact on the world Steve Jobs had that is inspiring to those who mourn him.

    Sit down son.
  4. reddragon
    Inspiring inspiring...ive been hearing that shit for weeks now. Pls tell me how has he inspired you into doing something worthwhile.
  5. coolhandluke
    I never said I actually mourned him, but I respect him as a successful businessman. I simply disliked the post because it belittled a very successful person that made significant contributions to the world.

    Why does it bother you so much that others are mourning someone? Only someone with serious problem would be offended by that. Maybe you're annoyed at the media coverage of it, you find it trivial? Well guess what, you're probably a nobody and Steve Jobs did more to contribute to the world in a day than you will in a lifetime, so humble the fuck out eh?
  6. LS
    #33, the real binocular gives you a round view field with distortions away from the center, not a black sheet with a hole.
  7. kero
    thanks good collection
  8. ptpie
    #73 ?????????????
  9. lolipop
  10. orendadude
    #47-At least they were able to get breakfast, lunch and dinner int othe boat before the flood.

    #78-Thats a big ass peace sign. Should make a great target for a missle strike.

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