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  1. orendadude
    #18-Spain has coins? I thought they were broke and the rest of us have to bail them out?
  2. Ani
    WTF?!?! Of course Spain has coins!! We weren't broke! Who broke is Greece.
    Btw, Spain or any other european country has not 10 Euro's coin; that's not exist. The highest coin is 2 euro.

    Greetings from Spain.
  3. sphinksfox1
    somme are F*****g ignorant like this guy in the previous comment
  4. orendadude
    I will assume that my weak sense of humour has somehow offended you. I apologise. I guess the media has been wrong telling us about the crisis in Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland. I guess I am also wrong about the World Bank Leaders getting together to figure out how to save these countries with bailouts, which as I recall, come from all other countries and that that money comes from taxpayers. And just so you know some only has one "m". Have a nice day.
  5. gigantes
    actually, most major economies are going broke- those four you mention are only the leaders in europe. debt to GDP has been soaring everywhere. so pointing the finger at others seems rather silly to me, since most of us need to be pointing it at ourselves... both at the personal, city, state and national level.
  6. Oh_My
    LOL ya gotta love the internet Trolls
  7. frosch
    but some 'somme' have 2 m's
    like some of my somme
    but not all

    like in somme somme some somme !

    oh yeah, somme 'see' have 3 e's tooo
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