The World’s 49 Most Influential Men in 2011 (49 pics)

According to, these 49 men were the most influential men in the world in 2011.


49. Simon Cowell

48. Oscar Pistorius

47. Bradley Cooper

46. Justin Timberlake

45. Rory McIlroy

44. Larry David

43. Christopher Nolan

42. Tom Brady

41. Julian Assange

40. Matt Damon

39. Dirk Nowitzki

38. Dana White

37. Michael Bloomberg

36. Jack Dorsey

35. Jimmy Fallon

34. Elon Musk

33. Soleio Cuervo

32. Mark Cuban

31. Louis C.K.

30. Peter Dinklage

29. Terry Richardson

28. Chris Hemsworth

27. Mark Zuckerberg

26. Jean-Claude Trichet

25. Ai Weiwei

24. Anderson Cooper

23. Ashton Kutcher

22. Rene Redzepi

21. Barack Obama

20. Piers Morgan

19. Novak Djokovic

18. Pep Guardiola

17. Alexander Skarsgard

16. Charlie Sheen

15. Jay-Z

14. George Clooney

13. Andrew Mason

12. Jon Stewart

11. Cadel Evans

10. Lionel Messi

9. Ryan Gosling

8. Anonymous

7. Prince William

6. Mohamed Bouazizi

5. Kanye West

4. Warren Buffett

3. Larry Page

2. SEAL Team Six

1. Steve Jobs


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  1. Albane
    42 of those "people" did nothing to make the world a better place in 2011. This list has nothing to do with influence and everything to do with current celebrity status.
  2. orendadude
    This is a fucking joke right?
  3. kool
    that was what i thought.
  4. L_A_L_I_90
    why they are influential???
    What did they do for us???
  5. orendadude
    Well, Warren Buffet is the biggest stealer of working peoples money in the world. He makes Goldman /Sacks look like petty criminals. The major impact Stevey J had was with all the other rich bitches on this list. I mean Kayne West? Boy I really want my kids to grow up and act like him. He's a train wreck. What this list says is "if you are not rich and famous, you are nothing. Actually this is a pretty good photo list of some of the "influencial" 1%
  6. jantje
    almost every politician has more influence then most of the men listed here.
  7. unu
    half of them..i dont even fucking know them..the other half..are cocksuckers...bad list
  8. Enter your name
    Well the number one has no influence at all. This is just a random list of faces seen all over the media.
    I agree with the above comments - who made this "list" ?
  10. Enter your name
    Great to see fellow dane, Rene Redzepi. Nr. 1 restaurant in the world, Noma, located in Copenhagen. Denmark is the cultural capital of Scandinavia by far.
  11. burzum
    where the fuck is anders behring breivik?
  12. Enter your name
    Breivik is a sick, evil man. If you have sympathy for a fella like that, you are most likely yourself sick and evil in your fucking head! He killed i-dont-know how many innocent people. Parents lost their child, A child lost a parent or both. Life was just taken away. And for what?????
  13. lolzz
    Messi #10 Should have been #1, All the others should not be on the list!!
  14. TrOll
    Kanye West? WTF?
  15. cyber
    they forgot to write my name. hahaha
  16. gnihtyreve
    if there is Steve Jobs, what the fuck is computer
  17. Veenstra
    Why is there a gay fish in this list? It's supposed to be influential men..
  18. laughinggas
    What the hell is Simon Cowell even doing on the list??
  19. Enter your name
    seriously WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. theworldcitizen
    Only Pep and Messi deserve it.
  21. koowilliams
    this list was a shallow man's idol who influenced HIS OWN life... not the world...
  22. seyi
    Write your comment here...

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