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  1. Peanut
    Another fun day ruined for kids.
  2. beware
    This is an occult festival.

    To understand Halloween's roots better , go back further into history and take a look at the Druids and the Celtic people. The Druids were the pagan priests of the Celts. They were idolaters, occult practitioners and witches of sorts.This Satanic night is dedicated tot he (Celtic) Lord of the Dead,symbolized by the Horned-god and the Stag-god. The ancient Druids celebrated Samhain / Halloween as a 3-day fire festival, building huge
    bonfires (literally bone fires) in an attempt to ward off roaming demons.

    Witches have never given up Halloween! Occultists of all stripes still lay claim to the day and worship their pagan gods and goddesses on that day with demonic rituals.

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