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  1. orendadude
    Feel bad for those folks.
  2. Hernan
    This can only mean one thing....a boom in leather garments...( shoes , bags , belts,wallets...suitcases...etc...)...
  3. heatednemz
    Moar CROCS
  4. mm
    That is like a plot of some B-movie
    the crocs were a big story when we had all the rain

  6. lolzz
    Just eat the Croc..
  7. Peanut
    I feel sorry for the crocs. Thailand is another backward country that abuses animals.
  8. Steve
    You are clearly a moron. It is better than some western countries who frequently abuse people.
  9. kaveeta84
    Wow..someone from an 'advanced' western society mocking a nation in the east..A bit of a hypocrisy there when most of those leathers were being sold to your oh-so-great nations, is it?
  10. Enter your name
    lol in the US people hunt alligator too, so is the US one of those backward country also ?

    Think before you write peanut
  11. Terez
    Sarabeth, I think that both girls as they get older look more like me, but Gabe . he likes 90% Becerra. No mistakin that boys daddy . I shuold try to go to Klamath at the same time. I don't think that we have any plans during those dates! Sarabeth, I need to call you to see how YOU are and hear your pregnancy updates!!Kelly,Unlike K, Miriam is in the 85th percentile in weight. Add cloth diapers to that, and she has a pretty puffy bum that is capable of holding most pants up. I think it is a lot easier with girls in general, though, because she pretty much wears leggings most days. The GAP makes really cute cotton little boy play pants (think sweat pants but much cuter), and those have always stayed on Gabe. You might want to give those a try, and they are comfy so you are likely to get no complaints . Molars are just as un-fun the 3rd time around as they were the 1st .
  12. Esponja
    Yeah, it's fascinating how much time and rescerah she devoted to trying to get the perfect homebirth, yet when her son was recommended to have speech therapy, she has had a totally cavalier attitude towards the whole thing. Imagine how much good she would do her kid if she gave the same level of attention to his delays. Some people aren't meant to be parents, but it doesn't seem like opting out is a real option when you're Mormon.

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