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    yeah now we are talking - grew up with the hot Madonna

    However, they played her music too much on the radio, back in the day
  2. orendadude
    She is consistant. Ugly in every pic.
  3. Mr. Ree
    I remember back in about 1982 or so, I was fucking Madonna dog style and she grunted out that someday, she would be the most popular woman in the world. I told her she could start by swallowing my load.
    I guess my jizm has some magical properties because it made her wish come true!
  4. orendadude
    So, Mr Ree, I see we have you to blame for the longevity of the top skank in old school music. I know a saying when describing woman that look like her. "rode hard and put away wet" Guess you really, really rode her hard. LOL
  5. Roberth
    , and I quote . . . Why, mom? You're never going to win! I stole a line from my brother (an avid fsraeimhn): You're never guaranteed a fish, but if your line isn't in the water, you KNOW you won't catch one.Cheers and good luck to everyone!Amy

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