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  1. The Shockwave
    I hope # 40 is house-trained.
  2. Haikiri
    #20 Original still the best.
  3. huge geek
    #56 aaaawww DB25 F-F, that's so precious!
  4. ptpie
    cool pics
  5. Peanut
    Lots of good pics!
  6. 4down2
    #73 Life so simple back then !
  7. Lhoramie
    Hey Patsi girl ! You are going to have a lot of "toasted tomato saewcihns" right ? LOLI have our one modest tomato plant and it is looking rather special itself ! : )Tomatoes RULE !!!!!
  8. Bemzone
    You've found a common truth among the asrtit community. Hire for cash doesn't always equal happiness. But the grass isn't always greener either. As you've recently (re)embraced, use your youth as a benefit. Sometimes it just takes the outlook of a much younger person to open our eyes to the right here, right now. We're so steeped in our own past experiences. Course, this could happen in any age. I lean more towards your mother's age, but just love the insight you give to question and communicate with my own daughters. Not to mention slices of Paris, which is how I found your site in the first place. The pictures are an essential part of your story. Don't let others spoil it for you.Close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, let go and laugh at everything ridiculous. You can shake off their bad karma, you know you can! oxo

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