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  1. Doubibou
    Nooo, dont say us the terribly truth!!! x^p
  2. suo
    brainwashing in practice
  3. Daff
    This is so sick! What the hell happend to USA?? The land of the free my ass. You Americans are so brainwashed! People in Europe know more about what is happening in the USA than most of those living there.
  4. McReval
    Seem like US have the best censorship of all. People don't mind cause they don't know that everything is being censored. That explains why they voted for Bush the second time.
    Although, what if all information I get from mass media about my country is wrong and some guy from England hears more truthful information about Estonia than I do and vice versa.
  5. datmeenjeniet
    Aren't these just 2 different editions? ..One is focused at the USA (and the world) and the rest have a more general global focus...

    I think the USA version is just not that interesting outside the US..

    Although I hate that I cannot get the USA version over here in Europe.
  6. Enter your name
    datmeenjeniet: nope, same editions as you can see on the time homepage.
  7. datmeenjeniet
    O rly? So only cover differs?
    datmeenjeniet - thanks for making my comment

    I can get the different issues (when they are different) at the news stands at the airport - I have never done it but maybe you could read both issues from the internet

    BTW - it's the only mag I buy these days
  9. jubyp0b
    A magazine edition is defined by its number, the date on which it is supposed to come out, the circulation and the area it covers (in case there are more editions).

    In general, editions come out at the same time. In some cases, there's just 1 magazine that's being translated in other languages.

    The purpose of the Time Magazine is giving out global news. It's a news magazine. Whilst not even trying to cover the most important news, the American edition tries and tells people how to live. The other editions are, as I've stated, simply translated.

    I work in DTP, so it comes fairly easy to understand. Most likely, there have been issues between the Global Time Magazine and the American version. It happens frequently.
  10. orendadude
    Things that make you go Hmmmmmm
  11. Sigh
    Yeah, that's why we knew a few years back that Time put out non-US covers all about how the US military flushed a Koran down a toilet - something that never happened and was physically impossible to begin with - but didn't put that on the cover of the US version.

    But you showed just about their entire circulation for a year, so who cares? Out of date news with a crappy spin, who'd be dumb enough to buy it?
  12. theozzie11
    People only get Time magazine in America for entertainment. Americans care more about entertainment than anything else. I really don't think the majority of Americans even pay for magazines anymore for they are a complete waste of money soooooo Time influencing the masses would be false....And last how can you censor the internet which 99% of Americans have access to? America is not brainwashed, just different. Just as we think you fucking Europeans are different.....America is number one. The numbers don't lie. Unless there in Time magazine.
  13. jubyp0b

    1. America = continent; != country.
    2. there != they're
    3. So entertainment doesn't influence masses? Wow.
    4. I love it how the biggest consumer country in the world is #1.

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