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  1. lolipop
  2. Antypaladyn
    No. 1a. That's not a problem for someone who's already introverted and doesn't talk much anyway.

    No 2b. You can put headphones on or prank those bushtards.

    3b. That's what gloves are for. I'm sure I'd get used to it eventually since it doesn't hurt like popcorn.

    5a It doesn't have sandpaper on the other side.

    6a Since I don't know that other guy.

    7b I'm staying away from people already so who cares if I'm smelling on a mountaintop.

    8b I'd sacrifice my fingers to take the doors of and replace it with automatic doors.

    9a My father is obsessed about it and my mother would be more worried if I watched gay porn.

  3. orendadude
    Easy. Sit naked in a room for 5 million a year, buy the victorias secret models, fuck the living shit out of them on Sudays and take a full page add out in every major city in North America and tell everyfucking body about it. Includes Pics.
  4. Haikiri
    1 sleep with them
    2 Fly naked
    3 Cheeto fingers
    4 Five milion a year
    5 Saran wrap
    6 Morgan
    7 Everyone think
    8 Fall Staircase
    9 Watch with.
    Because, with 5 milion all this wouldn't be enough in a life-time.
  5. Enter your name
    #3 is funny
  6. Enter your name
    Have to chime in on four. I would do this for one year. Afterwords proper investment of the 5 million would mean I could live comfortable (see: NOT extravagantly) for the rest of my life. I would much rather waste one year doing nothing than the rest of my life working.
  7. Reaaally

    Gonna take 5 million $, but there is a trick. I'm going to turn day and night. In sleep time i would sleep in white room, naked and make lots of money.. and in night.. well PARTY HARD :D
  8. zugzub
    1 B , because if everyone thought you slept with them, you would get more pussy than you could handle for the rest of your life

    2 A, I don't care if people see me naked.

    3 B, I love Cheetos

    4 B, but I would be sleeping all day, and I would do it for 3 years.

    5 A, like was said before, it's only rough on one side.

    6 is coin toss, They are both good

    7 A, I Farm, so I'm used to the smell anyway

    8 B, Just don't shut the doors hard

    9 A, nothing bothers my parents
  9. Fenrisulven
    #1 Nobody cares about me anyway, so I take the first option.
    #8 There are techniques for falling, but not for having the fingers shut... Option one again.
  10. Antypaladyn
    Oh, and I forgot - 4A since I'm kind of living that way anyway. I have my creative freedom that way and I can create something of value for the future generations to enjoy. Call me crazy but that's what matters to me most.
  11. Norm101
    Fucking stupid.
  12. Tarzan
  13. Tina
    1) Talk to them

    2 Fly

    3 cheeto fingas

    4 B, but I would be sleeping all day, and stay up all night

    5 sand paper, it's only rough on one side.

    6 Don't care

    7 Me smell it. Yum

    8 stairs, your screwed with car doors.

    9 watch with, some movies are pretty much that
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    #9 is great
  16. Frank
    Im amazed that so many people would rather have the $5 million rather than their dream job.
  17. mr774
  18. ptpie
    O my goodness
  19. fluke939
    dream job for no money or empty room for millions. EASY

    1. take the empty room
    2. adjust your sleep patterns to sleep 8 to 5 every day whilst in the empty room
    3. take the rest of the time awake enjoying your wealth

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