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  1. Antypaladyn
    The Cyanide comics are for the most part funny. For the most part they don't seem that disturbing to me but I f%&^&&%^g HATE jokes about dead cats. As if there weren't enough reports of animals killed for fun in the media already. And I don't care if it's a fictional cat. Characters in movies or cartoons aren't either but you can still be traumatized by those films like the ripping apart part in Watership Down or the Judge Doom final scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  2. ptpie
  3. orendadude
    #1-Suprise gay ear sex...Gotta hurt.

    #3-Challenge accepted!
  4. ALeach
    If #40 would collapse into a regular deck of cards and back again to a gun, you could have a lot of fun with TSA at the airport or wait until you get on the plane. The possibilities are endless.

    #60 World gone to the dogs! Lame I know. But couldn't resist. I have no self control.
  5. m00se
    Mistake in #15: at 5 the factorial should be out of the square root
  6. rikki_doxx
    #42 - There are lots of year and a half calendars. It finishes up the current year and then goes to the next. There are even two and a half year calendars.
  7. Dudukf
    For sometime now Izismile's picdumps are basically 40-60% 9gag posts. It doesn't really bother me. What bothers me is the fact that you take your time to take 9gag credits off the pictures.
    C'mom, man. It's not right and you're not fooling anyone.
  8. lolipop
    #53 & #54 - I am seeing that bug every where

    #60 - dog cards - making my own and posting on FB

    Dudukf - everybody knows Izismile is a staker site and I agree with them when it comes to site watermarks

    most times it's not the site's own photo but they place their freaking watermark on it. that sucks

    oops scraper site - the edit function hates me - LOL
  10. Enter your name
    #81 made me shit bricks
  11. Peanut
    Two thumbs up for your great comments, Antpaladyn. These types of cartoons give the perverted crackpots out there ideas.
  12. Antypaladyn
    Thanks. I've already seen that three people don't agree with me. I bet that even though they support the "it's fictional" argument, they still feel insulted when someone insults the idealized, fictional image of their crush. One fictional thing is different from the other? Hypocrisy at its best.

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