The Best Friend Ever (22 pics)

This is Lucas Hembree and his dog. These two have formed a unique relationship. You will find the story after the jump.


The 4-year-old boy from East Tennessee has a rare disease, Sanfilippo syndrome, which affects his entire body. This illness can’t be cured or treated. According to doctors, Lucas will be in a vegetative state within 5 years.His parents wished to get a service dog to help their child with his daily challenges, but this $14,000 idea was not affordable. Belgian Malanois Juno, rescued from a dog shelter days before being euthanized, became a literal shoulder for Lucas to lean on. Their relationship is exceptional. The little boy and the dog help each other in ways that only they fully understand.


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  1. Enter your name
    Pic 18: not the same kid, not the same dog...
  2. orendadude                    show commment
  3. Dyelle
    what a beautiful story about friendship
  4. Norm101
    Gorgeous dog
  5. ptpie
    just different years good story
  6. Danielle OConnor
    The comment about picture 18 is correct. I know this family and this gorgeous little boy, my daughter is suffering the same illness and fate! Wish we all had a Juno to keep our kiddos happy like she does for little Lucas. They both are amazing!!
    ome/119166221467136?ref=pb This is the link to my daughter's FB page, and on it under her likes, you'll find Lucas as well as other kids who are going through the same thing.
  7. lolipop
    god bless them
  8. GOODSTUFF4U                    show commment
  9. mm
    Sometimes life is so cruel that it hurts. I could rationalize it and have done so, but it still hurts.
  10. Peanut
    Touching story. The boy really loves the dog, too.

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