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Crack Head in Underwear Steals Police SUV

Posted by admin3 in Videos » Wheels   29 Dec 2011   / 4723 views

Skip to 6:41 if you want to see how it all ends

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gigantes 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
found this at "videosift":

LiveLeak: Edited down from 42 minutes.

Blackman-Leoni Township police released a video Tuesday of a stolen police SUV that lead officers on a wild chase through three Michigan counties.

Police say Ryan Elliot Cunningham, 34, escaped custody Friday and stole a Chevy Tahoe safety vehicle.

Cunningham was arrested at the Colonial Inn Motel, 6027 Ann Arbor Road, before stealing the SUV. Blackman-Leoni Sergeant Chris Boulter told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that Cunningham allegedly had a sawed off shotgun, meth and components to make the drug at the motel. Cunningham was in custody in the rear seat of the SUV, wearing nothing but black underwear, when moved to the front seat, stealing the vehicle.

Michigan State Police pursued the SUV on 75 mile chase with speeds exceeding 100mph on 1-94; ending in a crash on US-23 two miles from the Ohio state line.

Cunningham was arraigned Tuesday facing seven felony charges that include fleeing an officer, auto theft, two methamphetamine-related charges and three firearm charges.

sounds like police neglected to handcuff his arms behind his back, which sucks quite a bit since it looks certain he damaged other vehicles and injured other people in the crash. then they went ahead and released the video of their scew-up. >_<

oh, well... transparency FTW.
MrTroll 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Top crack heads of America.
Season premier Friday on BBC.
Mr. Ree 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
A bad crash and he didn't get hurt despite not wearing a seat belt.
mm 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Ending is priceless. Lesson learned: meth saves lives.
Jackson 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Bonnie Watson-Coleman is another eaxlpme of the idiots that roam the halls of the State House with no clue whatsoever of what they should be concentrating on.Bonnie dear, your kids screwed up and deserve to do the time. What about the person or persons that were on the other end of the guns your children used in their playtime/crime? Any thoughts as to how to make life a little easier for them?