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  1. Peanut
    Wonderful selection! Loved it! Thanks, Izi. You're the best.
  2. RedDawg
    @#26 "...& then I was like, Come at me brah! & then he was like..."

    #31 a la Puss in Boots ~ "Stand back, I got this!"
  3. orendadude
    Good set.
  4. Sharanabasava
    Debra and Lindsey,I love your work so much. I'm always maazed by your pictures! Aaron and I are so lucky to have you two photographing our May 2009 wedding.
  5. Lauta
    Creepy Owl: OH HELLOO!! could i trouble you with a cup of sugar pslaee!! Me: For what?? you don't have an oven to make a cake!!! D:< Creepy Owl: O.O um .. can i borrow yours?? Me: No. -_- Creepy Owl: now? 8DMe: You know what!Creepy Owl: WHAT!! D:< don't get me started!!!Me: *flicks owl and walks away calmly*
  6. Mesin
    What a wonderful idea. Thanks so much for hnirasg the steps Went to the bottle site (wow-what a great resource for so many things ), then saw the different types. Which type of tin container did you use screw, twist, or slip. Not sure what slip' is Thanks so much!

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