Toddler Dancing in Store Mirror like No One’s Watching



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  1. Yasin
    to take them EVERY day. Research the IRS/plane guy yourself.How about some more:A blluet fired at Cong. Ryan's office last week.Bush and Palin in effigyBooks and plays about assassinating BushMcCain campaign workers being maced in CalaxSEIU beating up a black man with cancer for handing out materials at a tea party.Black Panthers with clubs at the pols in PhillyBush Cheney headquarters ransacked in 2004I know, you think these things are okay, because it was done by your leftist buddies.For the record, I don't have a racist bone in my body. God made us all the same.I don't mind your accusations because you are a lefty loon who has gone off of his meds.Say what you will.

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