Our Dear Izimilers,

We here at Izismile want to wish you and yours a safe and fun New Year’s! Bring in the New Year with a bang and remember to give that special someone a big wet kiss. 2011 was a blast but we can’t wait to make you smile in 2012 with loads more fun and memorable posts. Happy New Year!!!

We’ll be on vacation from tomorrow until next Wednesday, but don’t worry, with all that partying you’re gonna have, you won’t notice the time pass by ;)

See you in the New Year!

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Daily Picdump [Visitors

We decided to do something a little bit different to end this year and we’d like you, Izismilers, to be a part of it.

We ask you all to send 1 or 2 pictures that you think describe the year of 2011 the best. We will post everything that will be sent at admin@izismile.com during the next 24 hours, except for NSFW and other inappropriate content.

Don’t be shy, participate and try your best ;)

Countdown starts now: 23:59:59


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Daily Picdump

If it was in the Western World, McDonald’s would sue any company that dared use its famous Golden Arches logo in their name. But in Asian countries and in the Middle East, people are more than willing to rip off the easily identifiable logo to make some bucks.


Fake McDonald’s Around the World