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  1. JimJams
    For all the English: Chris Waddle
  2. Enter your name
    who on earth are these people?
  3. Voodoo
    they are professional athletes.
  4. orendadude
    #1- Mitch Williams was the closing pitcher for the Phillies in the early 90's. He was devestating all year against all teams until he completly choked in the world series against the Toronto Blue Jays (YEA CANADA) giving Toronto back to back world series. I don't know where he is now but after the world series loss he, his wife and children recieved death threats, I beleive someone shot at his home etc...He had to move away and I haven't heard anymore about him. I don't think he played baseball after that. Now you know who one of them is at least.

    Sorry izi but #11...you know, Big Ben, asshole of the year for 2011 for the things he likes to do to women in public, does not have a mullet. It is a combover/back.
  5. Oksana
    Have you noticed that 95% of them have the same hairstyle?! Is that some kind of a dresscode?! Or haircode to be precise? No one can be an athlete unless he gets those curls in the back of the head?!
  6. Kingro31
    Apart from the tennis players: who are these 'famous' people?

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