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    WTF! A KKK Snowman?!
  2. izzimyfizzi
    The place looks like a fucking dump. No wonder he shares the house with animals normally found in the wild...no woman would fucking have him!
  3. meukr
    it remind me a buddy of mine who lives exactly the same way(exept that he's not a KKK member XD).there is animals all over his place(which is kinda nice) and he's fine with it... that kind of guys don't give a flying fuck about women....coz they don't need 'em..they're sorta live's like animals..i think it's kinda cool...somehow.to live whith animals, i mean.
  4. elpres
    this guy is a kkk member 4 sho
  5. Rivas
    Fucktard, wild animals are not toys. And the flat looks like a shitty hole.
  6. watergrasshill
    Poor animals, we think they're happy whilst it's not their natural habitat! Just a human being's whim tp have them around in the house.
    I do love animals but not to such extend ;) if it's still love - keeping poor things so far from nature.
  7. Norm101
    WTF is up with that guy's snowman?!? That is fucked.

    Regardless I want a bobcat now.
  8. orendadude
    That place must smell like an old whore's handbag with that many animals in it.
  9. mm
    KKK snowman really cracked me up :) Wicked sense of humor.
  10. Fenrisulven
    I see no Lion cub, but plenty of Lynx. Wicked snowman o.O
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  12. Enter your name
    and im thinking about getting the second cat.

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