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  1. Enter your name
    hahaha, funny
  2. meukr
    #99 awsome
    #100 well.....girl's way to take pictures.
  3. bboy
    #66 where it is??
  4. supernova

  5. ptpie
    #72 is 50 mi. from me Caddy ranch Amarillo tx.
  6. Norm101                    show commment
  7. Enter your name
    #94 he is blowing a cock
  8. datmeenjeniet
    #24 is nothing special. Happened to me a million times..
  9. sdasdasdasd
    #51 chuck norris was here
  10. lolipop
    llike it
  11. Sigh
    #70 you were fired for breaking the rules and you bitched about it until you died? What a loser.
  12. Enter your name
    #1 lookit the gal on the left, at the bottom of her shirt, just to the right of the mug.
  13. Rajasekhar
    If time is money you've made me a wetailher woman.
  14. Daannii
    Those are great tips Jan Having sold two houses in my life, pproer staging does make a HUGE difference. I liked your video a lot and the buttons across the top sure are cool additions.
  15. Jayati
    John Maloney you are extremely oirgnant. Even in the US where women are free the majority of them do not come forward after a rape. Why? Because of oirgnant people like you who time and again fail to believe a woman who claims she was raped. Think of how much worse it is in a country where women are not free.
  16. Thrinad
    I spent a lot of time with those butts out there in the car park, analyzing how they got there and who was ronbessiple. A lot of the butts were where you would expect them, in the ash trays on the tables and ash trays around the front of the building. In the bins came second an equally good choice. However third came on the floor around the tables within a six foot radius of the ash trays and bins. Fourth came the grassy areas and bushes within twelve feet of the trays and bins, fifth the car park floor around the front of the building. It then seemed to fan out and get to be around all other cars parked in the car park fairly close to the building. I tried to analyze brands,styles, amount left, connect the makes with the style of cars or owner, for instance Marlborough equaled F250 or truck, all menthol could be a Prius hybrid, camel could be a recovering narcotic as they are so strong it's an attempt to get a buzz off a cigarette. The cigars were matched with the more exotic BMW, Porsche, Jag, Rolls or the like.

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