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    #28 with all the internet weirdness going on, we might need to mix the old with the new

  2. Sigh
    #45: and that's where they put the mass murdering fascist lefty.
    #68: sad? How about bullshit photoshop?
  3. Enter your name
    Its real. NASA took a new high rez photo. However, I'm sure its different times of the year but who can withstand some good ol fashion ignorant propoganda.
  4. iluvhatemail
    the one on the left is the photoshop job, the right one is more realistic
  5. Dur
    Fascist Lefty? That is a contradiction in terms. He was a right winger.
  6. Enter your name
    #28 A good way to avoid SOPA and ACTA :)
  7. S
    #45: not all our prisons are like that. The one in Halden is more of a rehabilitation center.
  8. Uzz32
    ALL prisons are "supposed" to rehabilitate people.

    They just don't seem to bother anymore.
  9. Enter your name
    #68 fake photo on right. man-made global warming is a hoax.
  10. Enter your name
    You are a hoax
  11. Realist
    Global warming is BS. Spring VS Winter pic. Global warming alarmists using deception and lies as usual. Pathetic!
  12. ALeach
    #72 Dept 56 DIY addition.
  13. Barely
    Global warming is an outdated concept, anyone who knows anything about the environmental situation knows the problem is global climate change. Its all about extremes, it gets hotter that before and it gets colder. The storms are stronger, the flooding is worse(Pakistan) the wild fires are worse(look at Australia), the cold snaps are colder, the heat waves are hotter. We've had tornadoes in Auckland here in New Zealand, that has NEVER happened before, but all of a sudden there are deaths from them.

    Its not about global warming, its about the extremes of weather getting bigger. But yeah, that pic is full of shit. =P
  14. GrrM92
    #33 - heart disease waiting to happen
  15. ODIN
    Norwegian Goverment threat the criminals better then its own people. In jail, the rapist/murderer live under excellent conditions, gets to excersize and learn new trix before they put them back out to the streets to do it all again. Also, theres no lifetime or death sentence. And hey - lets not forget that no matter what crime you do here in Norway, they will let you out after just a little time in our luxury prisons. No wonder the capital, OSLO is overtaken by nigerian and pakistanian drug dealers + all their local whores. The norwegian however, is busy shootin heroin into his veins and living outside on the pavement. Welcome criminal, to your paradise NORWAY / NORGE !! UGH
  16. Enter your name
    #45 - Yeah, beacuse murderers and rapists are put in that prison
  17. ALeach
    #15 Use for awhile then return it for a refund unopened. Genius!
  18. Enter your name
    Man-made global warming (aka climate change) is a hoax. CO2 is 0.039% of the atmosphere; man's contribution is ~0.05%.

    0.05% 0f 0.039%

    "We've had tornadoes in Auckland here in New Zealand, that has NEVER happened before..."


    From PAUL GORMAN, NZ Press:
    Auckland can expect an average of up to two tornadoes, or waterspouts, each year, but research shows damaging ones only occur once every few years.

    Albany was also hit by a tornado in May 1991, lifting roofs from homes, flattening a small church and killing a man driving a bulldozer, the first known death in New Zealand from such a storm.

    Auckland buildings and power lines were also damaged in tornadoes in August 1980, May 1982, September 1986, August 1992 and March 1997.

    Oops I meant human CO2 contribution to the earth's atmosphere is 5% of 0.039%, not 0.05%.

    Still of minuscule consequence.
  19. orendadude
    #64-Been telling the ladies this for years.
  20. Enter your name
    #41 should be 42 ;)
  21. ptpie                    show commment
  22. Protecciones
    I believe that eehrytving happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right. You believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Marilyn Monroe.This is one of my favorite quotes of all time and is something that is quite inspirational. Marilyn Monroe was one the most influential, star-studded actresses in her in the 1950 s. When you analyze her quote, her words provide so much truth to life. It makes you realize not to take life so harshly and if you let it, eehrytving will fall just right.[]
  23. Louise
    it, give him credit. It's my aofvrite because its arrogant in a nice way. Its basically saying I'm not trying to make you feel small but I'm just plain out better than you. I've been waiting so long for someone to come up with an arrogant oxymoron like that because, it's not like I try to stick my nose in the air but sometimes I can't help it and I become completely big headed. So this is my nice way of putting things when I do have those hot head moments.[]

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