Another Cheerless Example of a Cutie Letting Herself Go (14 pics)

One guy wrote that he liked this girl very much. She had a boyfriend and never returned his feelings. He hadn’t seen her for about 1.5 years. One day he came across her photos on Facebook and realized how great it was that it never worked out between them…


on the right

on the right

Barely 1 year later

on the right

on the left

One more sad example of another girl that became biiiig


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  1. cubensis
    Aha I knew a girl like that, basically she was THE hottest girl in our school. She looked a bit like Mila Kunis. All the guys wanted to hook up with her. I reconnected with her last year on Facebook, I couldn't recognize her, she basically blew up she must be pushing 300# now.
  2. Mayur
    Exactly the same case with me. Years back in my college there was this hottest girl in the entire campus, she looked like Giselle Bundgen or whatever her name is, you know that Brazilian super model. Well it was back in 2003. She was so hot that i could not even talk to her but i had a feeling that she kind of liked me too. But then i added her on facebook just couple of months back and was surprised to see that she was fat like a comet.
  3. Jerks
    This is just mean. Why would you post someone's personal photographs and then make cruel comments about them? People get fat. Guys and girls. It doesn't give you the right to publicly humiliate them.
  4. Enter your name
    wow... this is totally not the appropriate reaction.
  5. asdasdasd                    show commment -7
  6. steve
    What a mindless, cruel posting. She didn't want to date you so you decide to try to have her ridiculed over the internet. Sounds like she did the right thing by not dating you.
    Besides, she may not be stick thin but she still looks good and you look like a jerk. She wins. Again.
  7. Dreth
    She wins fat and heart disease. Methinks you're one of these whining "winners".
  8. cubensis
  9. orendadude
    I would still bang her...more to love is all...good eats I say.
  10. mm
    Funny how the guy cries because she didn't answer his feelings, but after she spoils her body, he's feeling so lucky. As a man, I know how important great shaped woman body is to us, I mean it's IMPORTANT, so I can understand why he feels lucky, but posting those pics here is a cheap thing to do. Instead he should go and try if she has lowered her demands for men enough for her to finally lovingly embrace him after most men lost interest on her.
  11. Enter your name
    sad how some people let themselves go. =(
  12. odd321
    I think that some people just don't understand the post.
    Yeah, it's a little f*cked up, But when you've been in this situation, you can relate to it alot more.
    I mean, you got a guy who had a huge crush on a girl. Really fell for her.
    Probably spilled his heart and soul to her about how he feels, and she has a boyfriend, and probably all these other guys trying to get with her.
    She could be a complete stuck up b*tch, Just saying.
    So, this sorry sad S.O.B. puts these pictures up to say "hey, can anyone relate to having a huge crush on a girl whos out of your league and thought she was better than you, and she let herself go and you didn't?"
    "YES, I CAN."
    People feel all sorry for her because shes a little larger, but if she let herself go in any other way, like drugs, these pictures would be ok. No one would be defending her.
  13. NM
    This post makes it sound like both of these ordinary girls are meth heads or something, and neither of them even got that "biiiig".
    What's really pathetic isn't that two girls put on forty or fifty pounds, it's that a couple of d-bags live empty enough lives to post crap like this.
  14. Enter your name
    I bet they don't regret their decisions. They would have been stuck with assholes. They could just use this post to prove it. Things change and they can lose the weight but most assholes are in it for a lifetime.
  15. mm
    @odd321, you decided that the guy is a victim and spiced it up with what-ifs. Maybe you're right. I on the other hand, see him as a guy who got upset when a girl, who's in a relationship, didn't jump in bed with him and so makes fun of her over the internet, because he can.
  16. odd321
    I agree.
    I mean, i can see where your coming from with that.
  17. Mr. Ree
    Wow, what a bunch of philosophy majors and psychoanalysts - all that happened is the bitch got FAT!
  18. gg
    Eat only healthy food!
  19. DJ
    Her choice. I am more interested if there are pictures of the other girl from the 1st picture ? :)
  20. Enter your name
    This is just mean. She got big, so what! none of your business. Turn out you are a sad little person for posting this online. Is this the only how you can make yourself feel better?? Good for her she did not wanted to be with you, because you, sir, are an asshole!
  21. Tarzan
    still do it
  22. urmom
    no one sees the obvious pregnancy bulge?
  23. Kingro31
    At leas we're getting some responses. I believe is 10 different girls. End of discussion.
  24. Enter your name
    Hey! There is nothing wrong with fat chicks.....They provide shade in the summer and you have a lot to snuggle up to when it's cold outside! Fat chicks rock!!!
  25. jichaelmacksn
  26. Enter your name
    Wow these bitches got fat! They are prolly meth heads or something.

    There - now I feel better!
  27. Antypaladyn
    Girls eat their emotional pain away and she got fat because she was in a relationship with a d**k just like the one who posted her photos.

    Being hot increases the chance of idiots hitting on you.
  28. dudes
    uhhhh, the first girl is probably pregnant... you can tell cuz her belly is big but her arms are still thin.
  29. Enter your name
    Stupid post Izi
  30. Enter your name
    I just think its interesting how this guy says he really liked her, but seems so relieved that she's not the petite girl she was. That just shows how vapid and superficial he is and his feeling for her.
  31. Fitness reincarnated
    I hate fat people... fuck that food-craving bitch. have some self respect and control your body!
  32. Dreth
    By reading most of the comments on here anyone can safely conclude that most of the angry mob here has to be composed of giant balls of lard-gulping pigheads and this is offensive to them.

  33. Cc
    In HS I was about I'm 25 and I weigh 190...not a big deal but food these days isn't like it was for generations before us. They didn't have mcdonalds and taco bells on every corner, and the lunch ladies weren't giving them soda with their meals...

    Just a sign of the times really, and the guy who's making fun of her is obviously a computer coward. At one time you liked her, and now your trying to make her look bad when in fact you were too much of a coward to even talk to her? Pathetic dude.

    Also...she probably weighs 225 judging by the pics...she could easily lose the weight if she wanted to, if she had some help.
  34. Enter your name
    She lookes like she weighs about 160 and In fact it really looks like she has had a baby. Her breasts and hips are bigger, which is what happened to my body after I had a couple children. In the picture of her on the ladder and the picture with the other girl who looks like shes passing out...Her belly is full like she might be pregnant. Even if shes not, shes not THAT huge and those pictures are really unflattering. I wouldnt put them on MY facebook.
  35. Enter your name
    fat whore

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