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  1. koowilliams
    she's a true star, one that we all would love the see her living to her old age... but the same cannot be said on justin beiber... i wonder if he die early, will there be any fist pump from the non-fan...? after so many hateful comment landed on JB, n jokes about wanting to punch, kick, shoot n kill JB, but i wonder does anyone really wants him to die early...??
  2. Antypaladyn
    His career dying would be enough.
  3. Sigh
    Why all the sudden does everyone think she's so wonderful? She's the same drug addicted wreck she always was, but finally it caught up to her. Nothing changed to make her better. Its like MIchael Jackson - one day before his death he's known as a child molesting freak who was so reviled he fled the country, one day after he's a glorious, beautiful and beloved star... huh??
  4. Undetectable
    So is ya father you jim carry reject.
  5. ...
    so she didn't do anything good from 2002??? Feel bad for het daughter to have a mom that is a crack head.
  6. orendadude
    She is no different than the thousands of crack heads that die every year. The world in general doesn't give a fuck about them so why the big deal about her. If anything people should be angry that she threw it all away and turn there collective backs on her. I don't want to sound cold but hey, why is a celeb life more important that someone elses, say starving children? Just asking.
  7. incognito562
    got the chills looking at this :l
  8. Antypaladyn
    Well, I can imagine how it feels for true fans - the thought that you'll never hear anything from her again.

    On a totally unrelated note... now I keep mistaking Oprah for LaGuerta from "Dexter".
  9. davbob
    I'm a nurse and today in my hospital at least one person that I know of died. She wasn't famous or rich but she was a lovely lady. My heart goes out more to her, who died through no fault of her own than to someone like Houston who had it all and threw it away.
  10. Mr. Ree
    ...just another stupid nigger that can't handle success. History is filled with them.
  11. Tabby
    And your just anorher dumb cracker
  12. ...
    Drugs will sho-nuff fuk you up.
  13. ...
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  14. Peanut
    Houston came across as an ignorant, dumb, mouthy ghetto chick. Crummy-looking. No class. Didn't sing, but screamed. Offed herself with drugs? Good riddance.
  15. Visit
    you better shut your fucking mouth you dumb,idiotic,selfish,motherfucking prostitute.You can go fuck your mom's vagina you dumb fucking whore.Don't you dare say anything about Whitney Houston she was the best and still will be the best along with Michael Jackson.So you can do yourself a favour and go jump off a cliff you fucking hoe.
  16. ptpie                    show commment
  17. Hybrid
    You got that right my friend she was the best ever it's too bad that she wasn't treated also very nicely just like Michael Jackson but overall she was a terrific singer and had such a beautiful voice that no other singer could have.She was simply the best and still will be the best ever.And she was a very loving and a very caring mother.
  18. Tabby
    Yall have no respect GOD is the reason her soul is free.
  19. Domestic
    Um pic#6 is her prom pic and pic#7 is her graduation pic

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