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  1. ...
    #43 is touching
  2. ptpie                    show commment
  3. orendadude
    #53-Pretty poor taste Izi, if you ask me.
  4. Antypaladyn
    #53 I must agree with orendadude.

    #56 Remember the "OMG,I can't hold these oranges" meme?
  5. Jersey Petey
    Orendadude raising a flag over "taste?" Can you say "flabbergasted?"
  6. orendadude
    Only when it involves children. Children should be out of bounds man.
  7. VprDmnd
    Fuck yeah, Crested Butte. Lived there for seven years.
  8. ...
    #29 - I like their decorator - please come do my house!
  9. London
    #53 Orendadude, did you actually read what's under "DILF"? before you judged it? What was I thinking, of course not! (BTW, it says: Dedicated, Involved, Loving, Father)
  10. Antypaladyn
    So if you extend the acronym NAMBLA it will suddenly become okay and innocent?

    There is a difference between what they said and what they meant.
  11. bleh
    Antypaladyn, do you realize that a parent putting a shirt on their child that insinuates that the parent is attractive is an entirely different situation than grown men sodomizing young boys? You're an idiot for making that parallel. This is obviously a joke, I think it's funny.
  12. Antypaladyn
    Yeah? If you have a daughter, then she is a SLUT. Sweet Little Unique Treasure. That's funny too.
  13. orendadude
    I did read the what was under it. I think you miss my point. "DILF" catches the eye because of the acronym "MILF" which everyone recognizes as a sexual reference. It puts the sexual thought into a persons head as soon as they read it. My only concern about it is they are using a young child as a billboard that is obviously meant to reference sexual inuendo. If you switch around the letters to say "Loving, involved, dedicted father" does it have the same impact or even make this post? I think not. The only think that makes it work is the comparison to MILF. So please, you pompous, self righteous pimp, fuck off!
  14. izzimyfizzi
    Is #1 Matt Ross from Big Love?
  15. jeskris
    #26 is just plain stupid

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