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  1. orendadude
    Such a waste of good booze.
  2. xcpk
    Love the .gif :-D
  3. say NO to hate
    #11 Whoever photoshopped that man into the picture is a racist. They are fostering the stereotype of the black man as wild and menacing to white women. And if you take the intent of the stereotype to its logical end, a rapist of white women.

    Say NO to hate!
  4. orendadude
    hahahahahahahahahahahaha...I love liberals
  5. Fishermen
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  6. Rivas
    @Say No to hate : how do you know this has not be shopped by the black dude on the picture ? Black dudes are too stupid to know photoshop ? Maybe YOU are the racist. Also, same image below but with an asian, no remark about it ? Stop seeing racism everywhere dumbass.
  7. Kingro31
    Is not about the race but about one black idiot individual!
  8. Undye
    @Kingro31 it's about "say NO to hate" it's a fucking troll - with the same lame joke - probably will grow up in 3-4 years or so..
  9. klunkr
    God that last one....the GIF, so funny!

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