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  1. orendadude
    Some are cool in the U.S and Australia. As far as the others, I think I will stay and look at the great places in Canada.
  2. coolio
    Cool - I don't have to go to these places cuz I've seen them on Izismile from the comfort of my home. Saves me from having to spend a lot of time and money traveling, and from having to sit in buses with stinky foreigners and their screaming brats.
  3. Enter your name
    Seeing a picture is not the same as experiencing it for yourself. The time and money you put into travel is rewared with what you get out of it.

    But the fact that you said 'stinky foreigners' means you're probably not the type of person others would want visiting their countries anyway.
  4. Outbound
    The Azores is an autonomous region of Portugal, FYI.
  5. Peanut
    I'm with you, Orendadude.
  6. Rosa
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