So I ordered a cheeseburger in Sri Lanka. And received this... bun with cheese in it. When I complained and asked where the meat was, the waiter was confused and explained that I ordered a cheeseburger. And that's what I got. *True Story!

My First Burger-less Cheeseburger

Instinct in all its glory!


The 72-year-old Nepalese man Chandra Bahadur Dangi stands a proud 22-inches high and is the shortest living man. He made the long journey from his small village to Kathmandu in order to verify his height with the Guinness World Records.


The Shortest Living Man

If you still write letters and want to add a really old school flair to your envelope then why not make your very own wax seal? Follow the steps to create a cool looking seal that will definitely catch people’s attention.


How to Make a Wax Seal

Funny thing is if she kept doing her stuff, nobody would have noticed…