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  1. Snake Plissken
    #3 them is cute little kitties :)
  2. Yajo
    Liz, Congratulations, wonderful news. You are so stonrg and committed. God be with your journey.You look beautiful( as always) and such a positive person you are regardless of what the day brings with taking care of your beautiful family or how you feel or weather issues. I really look up to you for encouragement these days. God be with you. hugs, Emelia.So happy for you....
  3. Melinda
    Snapple:GMU is not one monolithic enttiy and various faculties do not necessarily agree with the administration. I know of various interesting stories, not mine to tell, but they may come out sooner or later.It has quite reasonable folks, like and his team, one of whom I've met @ AGU.It has other folks/entities (like Mercatus, funded by Kochs and run by one of their execs).Ed doesn't rule on the Wegman issues, that's the administration's turf.

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