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  1. firstblood
    I love how the Nissan GT-R pops up 5 times here. Godzilla ftw.
  2. K
    Still waiting for a good american car.. Would be nice for a change!

  3. orendadude
    I just bought a 2012 Mustang Club of America edition...it's pretty sweet and it's North American.

    What else do big boys need? Beer!!!
  4. URS
    #1: on the long run, the car is cheaper.
  5. Mastah
    #141 wtf is this? o.O

    #146 f*ck yeah Poland! :D
  6. meukr
    what's the point of having a bimbo posing in front of a sport car with a weird ass grim on the face that says"do you rather bang me or having the car"??.....any man would choose the car over the girl,cause they know they could have tons of bimbos with it..they just ruined pictures of nice cars..now get off the car,bitch!! XD
  7. orendadude
    I agree with you my friend but cars don't have boobs, asses and pussies. I like to drive cars and women as well. I can't help myself. With models posing with the cars, I can fantasize about BOTH at the same time.. WIN WIN WIN!!!
  8. Alexandros
    @ comment n03...yeah right.....like if you had a 2012 Mustang you would be on izismile jerking off cause its the cheapest entertainment
  9. orendadude
    Well I don't know how to convince you that I actually do have one. As far as bieng on Izi, I am only on while I am at work. So I get paid to jerk off.

    There are lots of great cars out there but there is just something about a stang that makes it special, especially the convertable. This is my second mustang convertable. Won't go without one again.
  10. ptpie
    i had a 1964 mustang paid 2800.00 for it .... Wish I had kept it

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